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Gluten free bread recommendations

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Seajaye Thu 11-Aug-22 16:42:31

I have become gluten intolerant, peri and post menopause, although I'm not coeliac according to a colonoscopy.

The side effects of gluten have been debilitating so I'm excluding from meals, and do feel better for it, especially knowing I can venture away from a loo for a good few hours if I haven't eaten it. However while gluten free pasta is a good substitute, I'm struggling to find shop bought bread that isn't like dry cardboard. The Shlar range is the best I have found so far. Does anyone have a gluten and egg free recipe they can recommend, or indeed a nice shop brought brand?

Esmay Thu 11-Aug-22 18:00:39

Hi Seajaye ,

Hopefully , you're going to feel better now you've identified the problem .

This subject is always looming as full Coeliac and / or gluten ( plus dairy )intolerance runs in my family .

I find Schar the most delicious gluten free bread available .
If I can't get to Waitrose then it's Tesco's .Their bread is a bit dry and can break up , but needs be .

I love cooking and baking , but I find bread making tedious .
I've thought of investing in a Morphy Richard's Fastbake bread making machine to make it easier .

I love Indian flat bread - chapatti not nan so easy to make .
I love it as I would ordinary bread - yummy dipped in boiled eggs or smeared in honey .
And it's delicious with salads etc .

AreWeThereYet Thu 11-Aug-22 18:16:27

Sorry I've never really found a gluten free bread I could buy that was worth eating and decided to just do without.

However I have had a go at making some over the years but never managed a decent sandwich bread. I recently learnt how to make gluten free tortillas by using a keto recipe from YouTube and that has been quite successful. We use them as wraps. Keto recipes are gluten free because they are made with non gluten flour, and often no dairy. You can always add sugar if you want so they're not keto.

Whitewavemark2 Thu 11-Aug-22 18:25:52

I am gluten intolerant and buy sainsburys Artisan Rye and Buckwheat Boule. I can tolerate that, and I find it is the best bread I’ve tried.

kittylester Thu 11-Aug-22 19:26:43

I am gluten intolerant and I quite like Schar but M&S Oat Loaf is really acceptable.

DaisyAnne Thu 11-Aug-22 20:16:32

Schar is my go to, also. Whitewave, Sainsburys did a "gluten free" bread for a while and then took it off the shelves. I tasted as much like real bread as I can remember smile. I wonder if your Rye and Buckwheat is it back in a different disguise?

If you are not coeliac then it might be worth looking at making sourdough, Seajaye I say "making" because it must be made in the traditional method. The fermentation reduces the fodmap level - which is what causes my problems. It apparently best with Spelt flour.

Framilode Thu 11-Aug-22 21:20:52

I am coeliac and I always buy Schar multiseeded bread or Schar vitality loaf. They are expensive but gorgeous.

If I can't get those I go for M&S seeded bread.

Most supermarkets stock Schar bread.

Kat24 Fri 16-Sep-22 14:01:46

Seajay, a few things I find really beneficial since living a Gluten Free lifestyle are;
Doves Farm Gluten Free Strong bread flour - I make my own in an old fashioned bread maker and its so much cheaper. Doves is available at Tesco.
Whole Creations https:/ do GF Icecream/Lollies/Desserts <£
Sweets ive found a great Gluten Free selection box from these help?

Kat24 Fri 16-Sep-22 14:03:39

really sorry that didn't land very well :-(

The sites are;

me and technology!!!

Skye17 Fri 16-Sep-22 14:10:51

I haven’t tried this one, but I’ve had it recommended and it does have good reviews on Amazon, so I’m going to. Apparently you can buy it in Holland and Barrett. Dillon Gluten Free Keto Bread.

(The Amazon price is for six.)

Saxifrage Fri 16-Sep-22 14:19:32

I used to make white rolls with Juvenal bread mix, this was when coeliacs could have that flour on prescription. I find the Schar frozen white rolls edible and useful to have in the freezer when I can find them. Also like the mini pitta bread.

Skye17 Fri 16-Sep-22 14:25:46

This is another thing I’m going to try - homemade linseed bread.

AreWeThereYet Fri 16-Sep-22 15:22:34

I have just made my first gluten free sourdough starter. It took about two weeks to get it going properly, mainly because I changed the type of flour to what I had not what they were using, and is only just getting to the stage where I am thinking of making bread with it. There are loads of YouTube videos for making the starter and the bread. I don't know how difficult it is to do, I think it might be a lot of trial and error grin But my starter (aka Dolores) is beginning to grow and firm up so I have some hope. I'm not a bread maker, so it's all new to me, anyone who understands breadmaking might not have as many issues. I'm using it to make gluten free pancakes this afternoon (not crepes).

TerriBull Fri 16-Sep-22 15:22:50

My granddaughter is gluten intolerant I buy Schar frozen rolls for the freezer so I always have some sort of bread in for her and they are pretty handy, or Schar ciabatta rolls if I know she is coming to stay for sure. When she was first diagnosed I bought Genius bread which I found anything but genius it fell apart before it was actually turned into toast or a sandwich hmm

AreWeThereYet Fri 16-Sep-22 15:29:28

When she was first diagnosed I bought Genius bread which I found anything but genius

😄😄 I used to buy that when it first appeared, about 20 years ago - I have to admit at the time it was the closest thing to gluten bread around. Even so I didn't buy it often as it was so dry.

We did get addicted to Mrs Crimbles gluten free macaroons though.

dolphindaisy Fri 16-Sep-22 20:13:35

I am coeliac and my initial advice is to forget any idea of finding anything that tastes like "normal" bread -it doesn't exist. My favourite for sandwiches is Warburton square rolls , I also like the Schar seeded but some of the slices are tiny