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Bijou Wed 17-Aug-22 14:30:44

Being housebound I have to shop on line. As I have used Sainsburys for many years as their deliveries are good and helpful. However all their “fresh” fish states that it has been “frozen and defrosted” and can be frozen again. Surely this must alter the quality and taste? Some of their fish products have been to Vietnam and back. We are advised to eat fish twice a week so I have resorted to only canned fish.

Septimia Wed 17-Aug-22 14:42:50

When fish is caught it's usually stored on ice when being brought back to shore, so maybe that's what Sainsbury's mean, just to cover themselves.

sandelf Wed 17-Aug-22 14:52:58

I use Iceland for fish. Not fresh of course - and the best (Ocean Royal) looks pricey - but it is so good a little goes a long way.

BigBertha1 Wed 17-Aug-22 14:57:20

We used to get fresh fish deliveries packed in ice when we lived in the East Midlands. Now I get a delivery once a week from Youngs - order on Monday for early morning delivery Thursday. There may be something like this in your area. obviously the nearer to the coast you are the better but in the above 2 cases i am miles from the coast.

Whitewavemark2 Wed 17-Aug-22 15:02:52

We get our fish from a local fisherman, so we take pot luck with what he has caught. We of course live on the coast.

We have had a huge variety and I like it all except grey mullet.

25Avalon Wed 17-Aug-22 15:09:00

You can go straight to a real fisherman and order fresh fish which will be shipped to you suitably packed on the day which it was caught. You will pay a bit more but you are supporting our fishermen, the fish is fresh, and it tastes superb. I get ours from Newton fisheries at Beer in Devon.

Georgesgran Wed 17-Aug-22 15:20:08

I think fish is frozen at sea immediately after catching and gutting at a very low temperature as some of the trawlers are at sea for days and days. I’ve been told is so ‘deeply frozen’ that it doesn’t have any detrimental effect to being thawed and commercially re-frozen.
However, I’d go local and completely fresh where possible too and help the industry. DH fished for salmon and wild, freshly caught bore little resemblance to the farmed fatty variety.

Baggs Wed 17-Aug-22 15:28:18

All salmon is fatty. That's one of the reasons bears like it so much. Not all fat is bad for one.

Baggs Wed 17-Aug-22 15:28:37

It's also the reason it's so filling.

Georgesgran Wed 17-Aug-22 15:54:17

Yes - it’s got fat, but on wild salmon it’s not visible, whereas on a farmed salmon you can see little ‘waves’ of white fat.
It’s all brain food though!

Germanshepherdsmum Wed 17-Aug-22 15:57:30

I thought you couldn’t safely re-freeze any food which had been frozen and thawed. We are lucky to have a good local fishmonger, who will also deliver. Might you have one in your area who delivers ? I really wouldn’t fancy fish which had gone to Vietnam (I assume for preparation/packing?). I once saw frozen fish in a supermarket which I was going to buy until I saw it had been caught in the Atlantic but packed in China. No thanks.

Baggs Wed 17-Aug-22 16:00:13

I'll check that out, thanks, georgesgran. Can't say I've noticed.

I did notice a big difference between Norwegian smoked salmon when we lived there and Scottish smoked salmon. We thought Scottish was several orders of magnitude better than what we got in Norway. Admittedly this was over twenty years ago and things might have changed – though Scottish smoked salmon is still as awesome as ever ?

MiniMoon Wed 17-Aug-22 16:15:31

I have a monthly subscription with They deliver on the first Friday of the month. When you join, you fill out your likes and dislikes so that your box contains only the types of fish you like. They also email you with extras you can add to your box. We have never been disappointed with the selection.
I've eaten fish that I've never heard of eg forkbeard and Scottish Red fish.
There are 3 sizes of box to fit your pocket and daily size, we have the medium box.

MiniMoon Wed 17-Aug-22 16:17:05

Nor daily, family!

M0nica Wed 17-Aug-22 17:06:43

For 25 years I have had a fishman come round who sells frozen in boxes of about a kilo. He rings me about every six weeks and then brings round the fish I want within 24 hours. The company he works for has chopped and changed over the years as it has changed hands and been sold on.

Unfortunately, he has retired and I have now to find another source of fish. I have discovered this company Frozen Fish Direct They are a local company operating nationwide and I have a shrewd suspicion that they are the ones that now own all the smaller suppliers my Fishman used to work for,

Interestingly, they say the following on their website about the advantage of frozen over fresh fish
^ Our fish is frozen at sea within 4 hours of being captured, ensuring the freshest and tastiest seafood. Fresh fish takes several days to travel from the water to the supermarket or fishmonger, losing its freshness along the way. Frozen fish retains all of the nutrients and goodness that the same fish would have if eaten fresh from the sea.^ A bit like frozen vegetables being fresher than supermarket or market vegetables.

I am about to order from them, starting with their mixed box.

Shirleyw Fri 19-Aug-22 04:13:25

Abel and Cole the organic company deliver lovely fish, cornish sardines, wild fish, some are farmed organically in the UK but nothing from china/Vietnam. I always check where the seafood comes from in supermarkets and avoid fish from the above,

Franbern Sat 20-Aug-22 09:15:31

I use Sainsbury's deliveries for my usual week shop - BUT rarely purchase fish from them. As I eat fish most days, with salad usually, I have found that I get a far better deal by using an occasional frozen deal from Iceland. Obviously you do need freezer space for this. I keep a small freezer in my garage and that is mostly for fish. Bulk buying from Iceland (three packs of anything) usually means a far lower unit price. So, Salmon, tuna, sea bass are purchased in this way.

Lathyrus Sat 20-Aug-22 09:37:54

A lot of Sainsbury’s food seems to come from that part of the world. Their chicken too. I guess most big supermarkets have to go abroad to source cheap.

I’m glad to have moved to a part of the country where I can buy direct from the people who farm and.catch. The fish comes in from Grimsby. I like being able to buy exactly what I want as well, rather than a pre-determined portion.

henetha Sat 20-Aug-22 10:23:35

I find fresh fish is very expensive these days. So I almost always buy frozen.
I used to eat loads of fresh fish. My ex husband (now deceased)
was a keen fisherman (sea, not river) and always brought home plenty for us, and the neighbours. I miss that.

midgey Sat 20-Aug-22 11:06:39

Some fish is caught in Vietnam.

crazyH Sat 20-Aug-22 11:12:15

Nothing like fresh ?