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Greciangirl Mon 29-May-23 11:02:49

I desperately need some advice about buying a Ninja.

My conventional oven has packed up and am now thinking of replacing it with aforementioned.
But I am a bit nervous and apprehensive.
Are they easy to work and use?

I know from previous forums that they are recommended to save energy. Could I for instance bake a ready made shop bought pie in it?

Or should I get my oven repaired..
I really don’t know what to do for the best.

Thanks for any advice.

JaneJudge Mon 29-May-23 11:15:05

I’m thinking about buying one too but quite liked the look of the instant pot ones too, so will watch this thread with interest

Blondiescot Mon 29-May-23 11:27:17

I have a Ninja Foodi 9-in-1 and yes, you can definitely bake a shop-bought pie in them. I love mine as it does so many different things, but you need to consider what you want to use it for, as there are so many different models.

Tessyo Mon 29-May-23 12:24:20

I have the 9 in 1 model too (I think!) & bought it off QVC some time ago. Love it & use it all the time for everything BUT it’s impossible to keep the inside walls clean 😱. Why they didn’t use a non-stick coating is beyond me! I’ll carry on regardless as you can keep other parts near the food clean, but when I can’t bear the look of it anymore will dispose of purely because of the cleaning issue.

littleflo Mon 29-May-23 14:54:27

Definitely buy an Air fryer. They are so easy to use. The type you buy depends on how many you are feeding and the type of food you cook.

I make cakes in mine and there really isn’t anything it cannot do that an oven would,

I have had mine for a year and the oven has not been used once.

Marydoll Mon 29-May-23 15:31:59

I have a Ninja 14 in one, I absolutely love it, you can cook a whole chicken in it, even bake bread.
The only times I have used my main oven, were for roasting a turkey and batch baking.
There are already a few threads about this on GN.

AreWeThereYet Mon 29-May-23 20:08:39

The main thing is how many you are cooking for and what do you cook - I only use my oven when family come or if I'm making a full Sunday roast, and occasionally if I'm baking. I've had to buy some smaller dishes to use in my Ninja as I never used to cook for two. I do agree with another poster about it getting dirty though - the basket and pot can be cleaned but the lid is a greasy mess behind the element.