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Problem with breadmaker

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Imarocker Sun 26-Nov-23 09:50:50

My usually reliable bread maker is producing rocks instead of loaves. The first disaster had a hole right through the middle and the bread was not cooked properly. So I tried again with a fresh box of yeast and the bread didn’t rise and is solid. I’m going to try again today with a fresh bag of flour (in case the flour got mixed up) but has anyone else had this happen? All suggestions gratefully received.

karmalady Sun 26-Nov-23 09:57:14

perhaps the pan was inserted incorrectly

Flour would have made no difference

You changed the yeast and yeast would have been my first thought

I have been through 3 panasonics in my lifetime, they don`t last forever, it could well be that the electronics are now broken and it does not mix properly nor get warm enough to rise

PS I have bought a new and very modern panasonic. Superb breadmaker

Patsy70 Sun 26-Nov-23 10:00:06

We use our bread maker all the time, and in fact have had a few over the last 15 years or so. I use the dough setting mostly, then leave it to prove before baking in the oven. Maybe try that setting, instead of cooking it in the machine?

Salti Sun 26-Nov-23 10:14:54

I'm another Panasonic lover. When mine started doing something similar and I worked out ot wasn't the yeast I got a damp cloth and gave all the interior of it a really good clean without the pan in while it was turned off. It's worked fine ever since. I presume it was some kind of sensor or "something" that was blocked.

Auntieflo Sun 26-Nov-23 17:03:24

Coincidence? I have been looking at bread-makers this afternoon. We had one years ago, but didn't like the 'portrait' loaves. Would much prefer one that was 'landscape' IYSWIM.
Panasonic seem to be the brand most recommended, so could GN's please recommend ones that they use.
Thanks in advance.

aggie Sun 26-Nov-23 17:12:15

I’m another Panasonic fan , they do wear out , I’m on my third , but I have tried other brands and no comparison !

denbylover Sun 26-Nov-23 17:25:40

Another Panasonic fan here! I’m on my second, I’ve found them very reliable.

Ziplok Tue 28-Nov-23 19:46:14

I like my Panasonic.

Marydoll Tue 28-Nov-23 20:03:35

I love my panasonic too. I'm on my second one.

Romola Tue 28-Nov-23 20:04:35

Well, it wasn't the breadmaker's fault, but I managed to wreck TWO loaves yesterday. The first one, I forgot to put in yeast. The second one I was so annoyed that I put all the ingredients into the still hot machine, which killed the yeast producing another rock 🪨

Which makes me wonder imarocker. Could your machine be heating up too much at the "rest" stage, killing the yeast? Just a thought.

karmalady Wed 29-Nov-23 12:48:18

I have baked bread by hand since 1970, in my genes, been through the whole process of making sourdough for years and years, IMO, the panasonic bakes bread fully the equivalent of hand made, just not a rustic appearance. My new one can make a sourdough and a slow rise starter too. Right now I have a wholemeal spelt loaf in mine, spelt is tricky to make by hand, it rises fast and collapses fast but perfect from my breadmaker

I never use bread mixes but it also has that useful facility

The new panasonics have a bigger footprint, so I keep mine in my utility room

karmalady Wed 29-Nov-23 12:52:09

I made croissant dough the other week, all I had to do, several times, was spread butter and fold. I got 16 gorgeous croissants

AreWeThereYet Wed 29-Nov-23 13:12:03

We've been looking at breadmakers. Which machines do you experienced breadmakers use? Any good for gluten free bread?

Patsy70 Wed 29-Nov-23 19:36:03

We have a Morphy Richards, but Panasonic appears to be the
favourite here. Just need to know the recommended model.

Salti Wed 29-Nov-23 21:27:11

Over the years I have had three different ones. The first two were secondhand. The latest, probably at least 8 years old was a new top of the range stainless steel one when I bought it. They've all worked well. I don't think there's a bad model.

cc Sat 02-Dec-23 11:12:28

As Salti suggested, it does sound as though the temperature sensor might have failed or become blocked? A good clean might help, especially if you know where the sensor is in the machine.

LovesBach Sat 02-Dec-23 11:20:56

My breadmaker suddenly developed a fault after a few years - the tops of the loaves weren't cooking. Buying directly from Panasonic was the cheapest option. Sadly items of this size are not repairable it seems, and some other component might then give up.

Overthemoongran Sat 02-Dec-23 11:28:15

I’m almost loathe to post this, but my Panasonic is over 23 years old and is used twice or three times a week - I love it! Recently I have had the odd failure- usually in the form of a brick. I’m not sure whether it’s me or the machine. I know once I did forget to put the butter in and I blamed that, but other times I’ve followed the recipe to the letter and it hasn’t worked. But this morning’s loaf was almost pushing the lid off of the machine, it had risen so much 😳. So I’ll keep going with it for now, I much prefer to know what’s in my bread, there are so many additives in shop bought bread.

Annma Sat 02-Dec-23 11:31:32

Another Panasonic fan .Have had mine for five years baking four loaves a week.I now buy my whole meal granary flour in sixteen kilo sacks from a mill in Suffolk via Amazon prime.The bread is so good always works perfectly.I keep the flour in a big lidded plastic bin. I

KnittyNannie Sat 02-Dec-23 11:37:50

I, too, love my Panasonic. However, it does occasionally require a thorough clean. I remove the pan and clean out any seeds which have escaped from the pan, and then give it a good wipe out. So far it has worked every time.

Fussychick Sat 02-Dec-23 11:45:26

It can be the flour, we had a Panasonic for about 10 years and had the same problem, tried a new packet of yeast and had another bad loaf.

We bought a new Panasonic and the first loaf was the same as the old machine, so we bought fresh branded flour and all has been well. We were so upset we'd got rid of a perfectly good machine as we had no idea that the flour could be responsible for a dodgy loaf.

cowshindtail Sat 02-Dec-23 11:46:21

My guess is as others have said that it could be that your machine is worn out.My other suggestion is is your kitchen very cold as my bread is more solid when my kitchen is cold although adding more water helps to some extent.

Minerva Sat 02-Dec-23 12:28:44

I’m on my second. I can’t remember exactly went wrong with the first but it was quite old and very much used. Number 2 is equally good and “Nanny bread” is very popular with my grandchildren. I do give it regular cleans inside.
The only time I made a hard loaf was when I forgot the salt.
Imarocker you could try another loaf and keep a close eye on what the breadmaker is up to at each point in the process. If it fails to knead properly you can take it out, knead the dough manually and prove it in the breadmaker pan. Then try baking it on No. 18 on the menu.
Good luck.

Grannyjacq1 Sat 02-Dec-23 12:30:40

I'm another Panasonic fan - we've had ours for years and it's still going strong. It's worth checking on 2nd hand local websites - eg Facebook or Gumtree - you'd be surprised how many people have a breadmaker lurking at the back of the cupboard and never use it, so there are always some very good - often hardly used - second hand ones. I bought one this way for my daughter.

dogsmother Sat 02-Dec-23 12:38:30

Gave mine away soon after purchase, no self control just kept eating the delicious bread.
Now I buy good sliced and eat from freezer. Much healthier for us two here.