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Caleo Wed 29-Nov-23 13:25:40

I made it yesterday, and it's tasty. I used sweetheart cabbage.I added some miso and rather a lot of black pepper before roasting . I think it could also be a nice base for grated Cheddar however I am not sure how to add cheese, as it would melt and brown long before the cabbage was done.

Marmin Wed 29-Nov-23 13:32:26

Perhaps add it for the last 5-10 minutes? Roasting or braising cabbage is how I always cook brassicas.

Whiff Wed 29-Nov-23 14:04:29

Caleo you could always make a cheese sauce instead of just grated cheese. If you use mature or extra mature cheddar you don't need to use any fat in the sauce. I use 30g of plain flour ,50g of cheese crumbled you don't need to grate and milk I use skimmed milk. Put it all in the pan cold and bring to the boil whisking all the time not lumps. There is enough fat in the cheese so you don't need extra. Just season to taste. And you can put the sauce on from the beginning of cooking the cabbage.

I will cook my cabbage in the oven next time and use my cheese sauce.

One question did you blanch the cabbage first or just put it in from raw?

YorkLady Wed 29-Nov-23 15:51:20

I love sprouts roasted in the oven with a dusting of Parmesan!

Caleo Wed 29-Nov-23 16:37:07

Whiff, I did not blanch the cabbage, and am not sure why I'd do so?

I cut the cabbage in fist size chunks

If I use cheese, I shall add it as a Cheddar sauce to coat the roast cabbage, like for cauliflower cheese. I think tinned tomatoes and finely chopped raw spring onions would go with it too.

Thanks, and any other comments on easy ways to cook brassicas?

teabagwoman Wed 29-Nov-23 16:55:42

I can only digest white cabbage which I do find rather boring. However it’s quite tasty with carrots and leeks and mixed into a cheese sauce.

Redhead56 Wed 29-Nov-23 17:15:12

I put grated parmesan on sprouts I would do the same with cabbage last minute before serving.

Caleo Wed 29-Nov-23 17:57:30

Redhead, grated Parmesan on cooked brassicas I will try!

grandtanteJE65 Sun 03-Dec-23 13:03:06

How long do you roast cabbage for?

And what do you set the oven to?

silverlining48 Sun 03-Dec-23 13:07:29

I cook red cabbage in the oven or a pot . No reason not to do the same with white cabbage. It requires very little water and tastes delicious with sliced apple a slug of vinegar and a spoonful of sugar.

silverlining48 Sun 03-Dec-23 13:08:48

It doesn’t take long grandtante it can be al dente or softer, , whatever one’s preference.

Georgesgran Sun 03-Dec-23 13:26:31

James Martin has just cooked shredded cabbage in a little boiling water and butter in a shallow, wide, lidded pan a few minutes. It looked delicious.

silverlining48 Sun 03-Dec-23 13:33:18

I have just got some red cabbage out of the freezer for tonight , it freezes very well and keeps for ages so we cook a whole cabbage and divide it up to freeze

Aldom Sun 03-Dec-23 13:39:47

Whiff how much milk do you need with 50g cheese 30g flour?
Thank you.

Mallin Sun 03-Dec-23 17:52:14

To hasten cooking and save energy, put the cabbage in the microwave before baking. Instead of cheese, put a layer of smoked streaky bacon on top and when that looks quite cooked, slice tomatoes on top of it. Ideal for using up tomatoes that have past their best.
Also, if you have any mushrooms, then make these when sliced, the bottom layer under the cabbage before putting in the microwave prior to baking.

Huia Sun 03-Dec-23 19:42:59


I have just got some red cabbage out of the freezer for tonight , it freezes very well and keeps for ages so we cook a whole cabbage and divide it up to freeze

That is such a good idea silver. I will try it since there are only 2 of us.
I have always wondered why red cabbage is given such a long cooking time in recipes. Does it really differ so much from white cabbage?

Gundy Sun 03-Dec-23 22:13:20

Put it on at the very end - it will melt in the oven for a couple minutes. It won’t burn but be nice and melty.

nanna8 Sun 03-Dec-23 22:26:50

Some yummy ideas here- very much appreciated,everyone !

silverlining48 Sun 03-Dec-23 23:05:27

A whole red cabbage takes about half hour to 40 minutes Max on the hob. It needs to cook slowly and not boil, hardly any water so needs stirring every now and again to stop sticking.

It’s easy and delicious and adds colour to the plate.

Rosie51 Sun 03-Dec-23 23:13:10

Whiff I've only just seen this, and want to try your cheese sauce method. Like Aldom I'd be interested how much milk you use. I only use semi-skimmed milk but assume that will work as well.

Rosie51 Sun 03-Dec-23 23:19:49

Not roasted but Lazy Cabbage Roll casserole is a great one tin meal done in the oven. A real favourite winter warmer here that always gets compliments. Lots of recipes online, easy to customise to what you have in, and works well with any green or white cabbage or a mixture. We love savoy cabbage mixed with sweetheart cabbage.

Whiff Mon 04-Dec-23 19:22:03

Aldom and Rosie I use skimmed milk but any milk will work fine . I just had to put some milk in the pan I use to measure it as I do it by eye . Try 200 ml to start with . The main thing is the pan must be cold add cold milk first sprinkle on the flour add the cheese broken up by hand . Use a whisk put it on the heat and bring to the boil whisking all the time. Add more milk to get to the consistency you want. You can always add more milk but can't take it away. How much milk you need also depends on how old you plain flour is also flours alter by brands.

You will be surprised it doesn't taste any different to sauces using spread.

Make sure it's mature or extra mature cheddar as they have high fat content that's why I found you don't need the spread also it saves on calories.

Hope you like it.

Rosie51 Mon 04-Dec-23 20:35:25

Thanks Whiff.