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Did someone post a recipe for Cheese Rocks or did I imagine it?

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teabagwoman Mon 04-Dec-23 18:52:30

I’m convinced that I saw a recipe posted here recently for Cheese Rocks but can’t find it anywhere. Am I imagining it? Or can someone signpost me please?

teabagwoman Mon 04-Dec-23 21:42:13

I didn’t imagine it, I’ve just found Wiff’s recipe. Phew!

Whiff Mon 04-Dec-23 22:06:49

teabagwoman I call them that because I can't roll them as you should. Like all the recipes I have short cuts so I can still bake but my way. And it works .

NotSpaghetti Mon 04-Dec-23 23:11:14

I missed it... where is it please? grin

teabagwoman Tue 05-Dec-23 06:07:46

Notspaghetti it’s on page 2 of the thread asking for gingerbread/Parkin recipe. I tried to copy and paste it but couldn’t make it work. I like Whiff’s style of cooking.

Whiff Tue 05-Dec-23 06:11:36

NotSpaghetti I posted it under the Gingerbread/ Parkin thread along with few other of my recipes. I even put my daughter's nut roast . Because of disability I have made all my recipes pared down and do things my way . I can't roll out hence my cheese rocks and gingerbread rocks. And none of my friend's and family leave anything . Especially my craft group . I bake every 2 weeks and nothing is left in fact I made 2 different things as they like to take some home. My brownies recipe is there it's a Nigel Slater one but done my way. I put my cheese sauce recipe as well .

Hope you enjoyed them .

Whiff Tue 05-Dec-23 06:16:12

teabagwoman thank you. Disabled does mean incapable. You just have to be a bit inventive. I make jams, marmalades and chutney's but my way and they work and people like them.

Need to master gluten free baking have 2 friends who can't have gluten . So new thing I need to learn but it will be my pared down way. Fingers crossed it works ..

teabagwoman Tue 05-Dec-23 06:55:59

Disabled doesn't mean incapable

Absolutely whiff but disability does make things hard work and I take my hat of to you.

teabagwoman Tue 05-Dec-23 07:13:11

NotSpaghetti I've swapped to my laptop and have been able to copy and paste so you won't have to spend time looking.

Whiff's Recipe for cheese rocks (biscuits)

Supposed to cut into third and roll into a cylinder and wrapped in baking paper anb chilled for hour. But I can't do that hence rocks not biscuits.

200g P flour
150g butter or spread
150g grated mature cheddar or extra strong cheddar if you like it.
1 medium egg.

Baking trays lined with baking paper
200° fan

Supposed to rub fat into flour then add cheese and egg.

But I make sure the spread is soft put everything into a bowl and mix well until there are no lumps of fat and everything looks even.

Then spoon onto the trays in lumps will spread a bit so don't over crowd the trays.
Cook 15-20 mins until golden brown.

They will keep in a plastic box for days if you can stop eating them . They freeze well if you want to make them for nibbles at Christmas or New year.

All the recipes I have written all freeze well.

Whiff Tue 05-Dec-23 07:47:24

Thank you teabagwoman but I was born disabled but my extended family never treated me differently. And only had my diagnosis last year as it's a rare hereditary neurological condition. Also in 2020 found I was born with a hole in my heart but it's on the side so I have have PAF.

I moved here in 2019 and was under a neurologist where I used to live. But it took a move over 100 miles to the north west to get a neurologist who while he didn't know what was wrong put me on Clonazepam and after 32 years of limb jerks which I couldn't control and had no warning they where going to happen and 4 months of seizures with in 2 weeks my limbs where still . Not had a limb jerk or seizure since. He had my blood take January 2020 and sent for while genome genetically testing to Cardiff but only had the results March last year. I was his only patient to ever have what I have. But I found a Facebook group which is world wide there are 971 of us there. Because I wrote about my neurologist and which hospital one of my group got a referral to see him in June so know he has 2 patients with it.

When my cardiologist told me I was born with the hole . I laughed I had 2 minor ops and 3 major all with a dicky heart. And no one knew.

If I hadn't moved here I still wouldn't know what's wrong with me and not having treatment. I am 65 but my view is better late than never. My husband always knew I had constant pain in my legs and fell a lot when we started going out when I was 16 he was 18. Sadly it was my fit healthy husband got cancer and died 4 days after his 47th birthday. We had 29 years and married 22 together. But because of him and my family I do what I do to this day. And this year after fighting for 35 years to get disability benefits and after going to a PIP tribunal this year finally got them all thanks to the Brain Charity helping me and getting me a solicitor pro bono. Because the tribunal is a court with a judge I have been awarded enhanced on living and mobility indefinitely so they can't ever take it off me. And they back dated it until 7th March last year . With my UC and unfit to work UC for the first time since my husband died I have had to worry about money. What he left me had long gone but lived in on what I inherited from my mom but that wouldn't have lasted until I get my state pension next year.
But I don't have to worry about money now.

There are only two definites in life we are born we die the rest is up to us. My husband made me promise to live my life to the full only able to do that since I moved here. As after he died had both parents and mother in law depandant on me . Mom was the last to die in 2017.

But I don't abandon people who need me. Even my mother in law who I hated . She was family.

My dad always said there is not such word as can't . Anyone with a disability has to be invented to make the world suit you . I was lucky to have the family and husband I did . And have no intention of kicking the bucket anytime soon. They gave me that .

Yes I do ramble on 🤦 . But if you look at any thread I am on. I do carry on but I now know it's how others with HPX are . I am no longer weird and alone . And so many threads on GN have helped me with things in my life.

NotSpaghetti Tue 05-Dec-23 08:18:11

Thank you Whiff (and others). I will make your cheesy rocks.

I'm fortunate that I'm able to cook relatively easily but confess I have always been a "bung it" cook so have adopted lots of quick and easy cooking methods.

I haven't yet remembered to buy gluten free flour to cook for recently gluten free family so haven't tried bread yet - but do regularly make fruit cakes/puddings using ground almonds and fine cornmeal.

I always wash fruit such as currants raisins and sultanas but after that I just melt butter in a pan with some honey/sugar/maple syrup (whatever is to hand). I add cold tea or fruit juice, the dried fruit - Sometimes i put in other nuts here or banana or glace cherries and a couple of eggs. When mixed up I put in the ground almonds and the cornmeal till it looks fairly thick like a "regular" cake or banana bread type batter.
All this is done in the same pan.

Mixed well and baked at about 190⁰ it makes a great cake - or if cooked in small pudding or muffin type baking tins it makes a tasty pudding to serve with custard.

Redhead56 Tue 05-Dec-23 10:14:59

That recipe looks good for with a cheese board that’s one I am going to try thanks!

Fleur20 Tue 05-Dec-23 10:54:26

Has anyone got a link to the original Gingerbread/Parkin post please? I cant find it and it sounds like there are some really good recipes on it.
Thank you.

lixy Tue 05-Dec-23 11:05:45

This one I think, though I can't seem to do a link.
It's on the Food Forum, about 10 items down the list.

Parkin/Gingerbread recipe please! (80 Posts)

teabagwoman Tue 05-Dec-23 16:05:42

Gosh Whiff you really have been through the mill. Having had a rare condition myself, thankfully all done and dusted now, I know how important finding the right consultant is and what a lottery it can be. Glad to hear that you're finally getting proper help and a the financial support you were due.

Caleo Tue 05-Dec-23 16:20:20

Whiff wrote:-

"teabagwoman I call them that because I can't roll them as you should. Like all the recipes I have short cuts so I can still bake but my way. And it works ."

I need Whiff's cookery/ baking book please. When will it be selling on Amazon or straight from the author?

Whiff Wed 06-Dec-23 07:54:15

Caleo you made me laugh. Thank you for all for your kind words. When I could cook everyday I pared down things to make life easier. Also found had to be inventive as cooking for one is so different from cooking for 4.

If anyone would want it I would start a thread with some of my recipes and for anyone else to add their's. As I love trying new things to bake . Stuck in my ways as far as my meals go . As found a way that works for me healthy meals with little effort.

I found the main thing is having a full freezer and I don't mean full of ready meals but fruit ,veg ,chick breast , Quorn mince ,sausages and chicken pieces and a good stock cupboard.

Will see if anyone would like that.

Oopsadaisy1 Wed 06-Dec-23 09:22:21

Yes please Whiff

Oopsadaisy1 Wed 06-Dec-23 09:26:37

I can’t ‘rub in’ anything as I have arthritis in my thumbs and fingers, but I recently found a very old food processor in my cupboard with the attachments and it grates cheese and I can chuck the flour and butter in it and it makes them like bread crumbs! Who knew? If I could find the instruction book I could see what the other bits do…..
It would have saved me years of pain if I had remembered that I had it. It now sits out on the worktop, as I grate cheese a lot.

teabagwoman Wed 06-Dec-23 10:32:27

Yes please Whiff. I can’t stand for long and have energy levels that are liable to fall off the cliff without warning. I love baking and any ideas for healthy but easy to cook meals would be very welcome.

Chocolatelovinggran Wed 06-Dec-23 11:28:26

Yes please Whiff.

toscalily Wed 06-Dec-23 12:19:01

Whiff you really are an inspiration, your recipes & shortcuts need to be kept up the top of the viewing list for those who face cooking challenges due to various disabilities. I am going to try your "Cheese Rocks", far less fiddly than cheese straws or cheese scones. I find now I can only do so much chopping or slicing before my hands start to spasm and the cramp pains set in so tend to use my small electric chopper as often as possible. I have found the chopped parsley, coriander & mint found in the freezer section of Sainsburys (probably available elsewhere too) are so useful, small cartons ready chopped which you can add while cooking, just open sprinkle on what you need and put back in the freezer. They work very well if you want a small amount to sprinkle on the top of a cooked dish. Dried herbs do not work for decoration but these being frozen if added at the last minute look fresh.

Whiff Wed 06-Dec-23 13:02:44

Thank you all I will start it later. But tired at the moment. Made a black forest gateau over 2 days my way not pretty but will taste good. It's a thank to the librarians where we have our craft group on a Thursday. We used to keep it under the sink in a big box which 1 had brought and written Thursday craft group only. Someone stole our sugar and coffee.
Also made marmalade biscuits for our group as I bake every 2 weeks for it.

I can't rub in but wouldn't use a food processor if I had one . My hands tremble all the time and on blood thinners. To much cleaning and I would cut myself to bits.

Once I start it anyone with recipes please post . And any tips .

Whiff Wed 06-Dec-23 13:08:12

Shows how tired I am forgot to say the box holds different sorts of tea ,coffee ,sugar ,mugs, spoons paper plates a packets of biscuits. I didn't start the craft group 2 wonderful woman did it's mixed media and I joined in 2019 when I moved here. It's been going 7-8 years. They are true friends who are ready to help. Nearly all have health and mobility problems . Age range late 20's to mid 80's.