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Caulifower cheese with Christmas dinner?

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shysal Tue 05-Dec-23 12:02:54

It is something I would never think of serving, as cheese sauce and gravy on the same plate seems odd to me. Do lots of you serve this and why, when there are so many traditional trimmings without? grin

Treelover Tue 05-Dec-23 12:08:56

no. no. bread sauce further.

grandMattie Tue 05-Dec-23 12:08:57

I don't but I don't see why not, if you all like it!

TwiceAsNice Tue 05-Dec-23 12:08:57

We have it in our family as one granddaughter doesn’t like a lot of vegetables and this is her favourite , we all like it so it’s included. All personal taste I guess

Sago Tue 05-Dec-23 12:09:14

Yes! Not with Xmas dinner but often with pork and chicken. It’s fine with gravy as long as the cheese sauce is not runny.

Whiff Tue 05-Dec-23 12:11:00

shysal I've had both on the same plate in the past but made sure the gravy didn't touch the cauliflower cheese. I didn't make it myself but was out at a friend's house.

Ailidh Tue 05-Dec-23 12:21:06

In my childhood home cauliflower cheese was a meal, not a side dish, but I have taken it as a side in a Toby, and it is as rather good. It probably helps that I can't bear lots of gravy, having only a discreet pool inside a Yorkshire pudding.
I could see it with Christmas Dinner, though.

My favourite bits of CD were always the bread sauce, the roast parsnips, the sprouts and the sausagemeat and oatmeal "stuffing", quotation marks because it was never stuffed in anything but baked in the oven like a meat loaf. Mmmmm.

GrannyGravy13 Tue 05-Dec-23 12:27:01


kittylester Tue 05-Dec-23 12:27:08

We love cauliflower cheese with any roast. The trick is just to coat the cauliflower is the sauce not to overwhelm it. Xx

sodapop Tue 05-Dec-23 12:28:58

No definitely not for me. I prefer cauliflower cheese as a main course. We actually prefer leek cheese.

Margs Tue 05-Dec-23 12:45:03

I can imagine gravy plus cheese sauce making a perfect substitute for wallpaper paste.

Theexwife Tue 05-Dec-23 12:46:10

I love cauliflower cheese but as a stand alone dish, I dont fancy it with gravy but to be fair have never tried it.

Grandmadinosaur Tue 05-Dec-23 12:48:37

Love cauliflower cheese but don’t have it with Christmas dinner. There’s enough veg and trimmings with the lunch so for me no need to create any extra.

Lexisgranny Tue 05-Dec-23 12:56:46

I remember my mother being very upset when I served broccoli rather than sprouts on Christmas day. I restrained myself from pointing out that she had in the distant past, served halves of poached peaches with cranberry sauce in the ‘dip’ which was not to my grandmother’s taste.

Surely on Christmas Day you can serve and eat exactly what you want.

SueDonim Tue 05-Dec-23 13:07:44

No cauliflower cheese for Christmas in this house! In fact no cauliflower cheese at all, unless it’s Dh and me on our own. No one else likes it.

It seems a very odd thing to have alongside gravy, cranberry sauce and bread sauce.

Visgir1 Tue 05-Dec-23 13:23:49

Cauliflower cheese yes.. Bread sauce Never.

Charleygirl5 Tue 05-Dec-23 13:25:19

I live on my own and rarely make gravy as I am not a lover of it. I would only have a teaspoonful and that is not worth the effort so I am more than happy to have cauliflower cheese with anything. If I liked gravy I would separate the two.

Norah Tue 05-Dec-23 13:37:33

Our GC,GGC love Emmental Cauli cheese, we make it for them.

None like bread sauce or gravy - no problem with Cauli cheese mixing.

AreWeThereYet Tue 05-Dec-23 13:43:45

We would but don't always have bread sauce or cranberry sauce. MrA isn't a lover of turkey so we rarely have it and prefer beef or lamb so the sides vary anyway. We do have gravy at the same time, but don't mix them up 😄

Witzend Tue 05-Dec-23 13:44:43

I’d quite like it, but when I’ve been hosting for Christmas it’s just too much faff. Cauliflower cheese needs IMO to be made very last minute, straight from pans to table, def. not frozen in advance - we like our cauliflower a bit al dente, not soggy.

Nannyof4mummyof2 Tue 05-Dec-23 13:51:13

Yep i do this x

tickingbird Tue 05-Dec-23 14:13:29

No I like traditional Christmas dinner. It’s supposed to be different to all the other dinners. No things like mashed potatoes, peas or Yorkshire pudding. I always have chestnut stuffing too.

Ultimately it’s entirely up to the individual though.

Whitewavemark2 Tue 05-Dec-23 14:41:52

I had only heard of eating cauliflower cheese with roast on GN.

It seems a tad excessive to me, but each to their own😄

Cabbie21 Tue 05-Dec-23 14:55:22

I will eat whatever is offered. My son is a great cook and will probably serve cauliflower cheese and Yorkshire puddings with the turkey and all the usual trimmings. I wouldn’t bother making it myself.

Primrose53 Tue 05-Dec-23 15:15:07

Yes I could eat it with Christmas lunch but don’t think we would have room on our plates! 🤣

Bread sauce though …… it is lush! Has to be my own homemade though. No packet stuff. Got that once at a pub xmas lunch and it was horrible.