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Whiff Wed 06-Dec-23 15:22:49

This isn't just for my recipes but people have asked for them. I am disabled and love cooking and baking but have made recipes easy.

Anyone who has an easy recipe for anything please post. This is a site for everyone.

Whiff Wed 06-Dec-23 15:35:24

I made marmalade biscuits for my craft group tomorrow.

250g marmalade I make my own but my easy way. Use a dark marmalade as it's not sweet . Either pick out any chunks of peel or blend until smooth.

200g spread I use olive spread as I find it gives a lighter texture to baking. But any spread will do.

50g golden syrup

50g light brown sugar if you haven't got it use white.

350g SR flour.

Oven temp 160°fan . Baking trays lined with non stick paper.

Put all the ingredients into a bowl and mix with an electric mixer . Start on slow as the flour will fly everywhere before the soft ingredients are mixed in. Mix until it's soft.

I use a dessertspoon and put lumps onto a tray spaced out. I made 50 today . I only use 2 trays and just refill them once the cooked ones are on the cooking rack.

Bake 20 mins.

Whiff Wed 06-Dec-23 15:39:34

I also made this . It's black Forest gateau my way not pretty but will be tasty . Took 2 days. It's a gift for the librarians who look after over craft tea etc supplies after someone stole our sugar and coffee. If any one wants the recipe I will post it. It has all black forest elements just my way..

Granniesunite Wed 06-Dec-23 15:40:01

I could just sit down with one of those and a Coffee right this minute..look relish… I’ll be watching this thread for inspiration…..

OldFrill Wed 06-Dec-23 17:05:56


I also made this . It's black Forest gateau my way not pretty but will be tasty . Took 2 days. It's a gift for the librarians who look after over craft tea etc supplies after someone stole our sugar and coffee. If any one wants the recipe I will post it. It has all black forest elements just my way..

I would appreciate the recipe for this please Whiff. It's OH birthday later this month and he would love this as his surprise birthday cake.

Callistemon21 Wed 06-Dec-23 17:09:08

Thanks Whiff, I might try to biscuits as they look easy! Do you know if they work with gluten free flour?

We used to have Gransnetters' recipes on here but when I looked for one the other day, I couldn't find them.

mumofmadboys Wed 06-Dec-23 17:12:05

I would recommend Jack Stein's peanut butter and chocolate cheesecake. just google it. Easy and delicious!

teabagwoman Wed 06-Dec-23 17:40:01

Creamy Salmon Pea Pasta makes a quick and easy meal. I cook the salmon fillets in the microwave but you can buy them ready cooked.

To serve two put 125g of crème fraiche, 50g frozen peas and half a vegetable stock cube in a pan. Flake in the salmon and heat over medium low heat for 5 minutes or so. Some fresh dill makes a good addition but isn’t essential. I add a tablespoon or so of the water from the cooked pasta to the salmon mixture to loosen the sauce a little. I also often add extra veg depending on what’s to hand.

Chocolatelovinggran Wed 06-Dec-23 17:43:19

Thank you Whiff .I love, love, love recipes that say " just bung it all together "...
Surely that's a best selling cookbook waiting to happen? It just needs a more inspiring title.

Germanshepherdsmum Wed 06-Dec-23 17:43:29

I don’t enjoy cooking but enjoy eating. Anything quick and simple without a list of ingredients as long as your arm is a Godsend.

LucyAnna Wed 06-Dec-23 18:04:11

Banana muffins

(Good for using up old, soft, bananas)

Oopsadaisy1 Wed 06-Dec-23 18:39:48

Black Forest gateau recipe please Whiff
DD loves it

Whiff Wed 06-Dec-23 18:48:09

Will post black forest recipe tomorrow.

teabagwoman I will write down the salmon pasta recipe as I have a friend staying next year and she loves salmon . Will have to be gluten free pasta but it will still work . Thank you.

Whiff Thu 07-Dec-23 05:40:42

Black Forest gateau

25g cocoa powder I put this in the bowl first otherwise I find it flies everywhere.

200g SR flour

225g white sugar I use granulated I don't buy caster sugar waste of money

225g spread or butter your choice. But I use supermarkets own olive spread as I find it gives a lighter texture.

4 medium eggs

Oven temp 160° fan

2 non stick victoria sandwich tins mine has a little lip.I measured the they were 8.5" across. Grease the base and sides and put circle of nonstick paper on the bottom

Put all the ingredients in a bowl and mix with electric mixer. Spoon 6 tablespoons of mixture in the tins. I then weight them and make sure each tin has same amount of mixture. Level with knife.

Cook 25-30 mins.
Cool on a cooling wire.


I used a jar of black cherries in kirsch from Sainsbury's. As I found they don't sell miniature bottles of all spirits like they did years ago.

Drained them. Put cherries into a dish in the fridge. Once sponges cold brushed them with the kirsch make sure you brush right to the edge. Don't use to much you want an even layer but not so much the sponges fall apart. I cover the underneath of the cooling rack and top with the sponges in cling film and left on the side in my kitchen.

Next day

Make the ganache
200g dark chocolate I just use supermarkets own brand it doesn't need to be 70% . I hit the bar on work surface to break as I can't do it with my hands.. End with with large pieces but that doesn't matter as it melts away.

300ml double cream

2 tablespoon white sugar

Put all into a bowl over simmering water give a stir every now and then until all melted.

Take off the saucepan and give a good mix so all the dark chocolate is well mixed into the cream no white streaks. Leave to cool.

A jar of black cherry jar . I used Hartley's as it was the cheapest. Spread thin layer of jam over the kirsch right to the edge on both sponges no need to melt. Remove any lumps of cherries. Its to act as a barrier to stop the sponges falling apart once cream is added

Put bottom sponge on plate with an edge as ganache will drip down the side.

300ml double cream whisked until thick.
Spread over sponges in thick layer. I didn't need it all so froze the left over for another day.

Give the ganache a stir it should be thickening as it cools.

Top the cream with all the cherries. And put top sponge on. Press lightly.

Once the ganache has thicken and cooled to the thickness you want. Pour gently over top of the cake but not all at once . As there is more ganache than you may want. I let it drip down the sides all round . The using a knife to spread the pooled ganache on to side bottom sponge and round edge of top sponge. Pour more ganache on to your taste.

The left over ganache will freeze and it makes a delicious ice cream. Or you can use the whole of the ganache to make ice cream. Just cool and pour into plastic tub. Once cold put lid on and freeze. Take out of freezer to defrost or as I do 30 secs in the microwave. And serve .

I did mine in a box covered in foil and non stick paper as I was taking it to the library. I don't do pretty but tasty.

Hope you like it .

Whiff Thu 07-Dec-23 05:46:32

I don't know if this will work with gluten free flour as I have never cooked with it before. But I have brought gluten free baking powder. Have a gluten free cook book and will have a go next week to make something . Will let you know how I get on..

Redhead56 Thu 07-Dec-23 09:27:24

I made your cheese rocks and I twice baked them to make them crispy really like them thanks.

Whiff Thu 07-Dec-23 10:48:06

Glad you liked them Redhead like the idea of double baking. Will try that next time I make them.

Whiff Fri 08-Dec-23 07:23:20

I can't peel butternut squash or sweet potatoes. I don't use ordinary potatoes. So I can still have them. I line a tin with foil put the squash of potatoes in prick with a knife. Put in some hot water cover with foil. Bake in 200° fan for hour. Be careful taking them out put into large dish I leave them over night and cut the squash into 3 the peel comes off easily and getting the seeds out with a spoon. Sweet pots skins come off easily. I put into bags and free. Canbe used from frozen.

I can top and tail carrots and use a flippy peeler then freeze whole ,courgettes top and tailed,leeks same and sliced down the middle and cut in have clean any dirt off ,onions sane and peeled but whole. Mushrooms wiped end trimmed and sliced,peppers cut into half and de cored and seeded. Top cut in half core cut out. All freeze and can be used from frozen.

When I do my red lentil and whatever soup use 150g lentils 5 veg oxo in my largest pan what veg I want from frozen or if have soft veg I have fresh out those in. Once cooked and cooled use my stick blender and ladel into large plastic container lid in into the fridge.

Stews veg in whole with either large chicken breast Quorn mince, chicken pieces. Quorn sausages I brown in the oven for 20 mins will little oil when I am reheating my dinner. Cut the 8 sausages into 8.
Once stew cooked using kitchen scissors handle in each hand I cut the veg up. If using chicken breast get it out and cut using the scissor method after veg cut add back chicken mix and portion into 6 oven proof dishes. Once cold stored in the fridge.

I use pearl barley ,tin of pulses or last 20 mins pasta..

I can't cook everyday. This way always have lunch and dinner in the fridge. Plus it's cheaper and healthy to cook from scratch. Always add some water to soup and stew to reheat as it thickens in fridge. If my calorie count is down add Bulger wheat or pasta to stew. Put any extra frozen veg apart from peas which go into stew. In foil lined with non stick paper drop of water a crunch close and it cooks while my dinner rehears in the oven

Hope this may help someone.

karmalady Fri 08-Dec-23 07:40:18

Lovely recipes, down to earth and thanks for taking the trouble whiff

teabagwoman Fri 08-Dec-23 07:40:41

I like your way of preparing vegetables Whiff, will have to give that a try. I notice that you use Quorn mince. I haven’t had much success with this; I know I need to up the flavouring but I find the texture gritty. Any suggestions?

OldFrill Fri 08-Dec-23 08:35:47

Thank you for the Black Forest Gateau recipe Whiff

Redhead56 Fri 08-Dec-23 09:13:16

I use Quorn mince in lots of meals curry chilli bolognaise etc it softens if you let it simmer for a good while. It’s either that or lentils and barley or extra veggies they make nutritious meals if you don’t want minced meat.

aquagran Fri 08-Dec-23 09:28:02

How do you ‘double bake’ biscuits? Don’t they burn! Love these recipes.

Callistemon21 Fri 08-Dec-23 10:40:35


How do you ‘double bake’ biscuits? Don’t they burn! Love these recipes.

Bis-cuit means twice cooked 🙂
Baked then dried out in a low oven.

25Avalon Fri 08-Dec-23 10:53:02

Whiff how very kind of you to give us all these recipes. Thank you.