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Sainsbury's Plum Chutney

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mae13 Sat 02-Mar-24 17:20:54

The jar I bought a couple of weeks refuses to yield up it's contents - for the life of me I must have tried everything! Warming up the jar, cooling it in the fridge for a couple of hours. A male neighbour tried and gave up, saying "God in heaven - it must be superglued on!"
Indeed. Why do manufacturers do this?

Grandmabatty Sat 02-Mar-24 17:25:28

Did you run the lid under hot water? That's what I do

tanith Sat 02-Mar-24 17:27:16

Try tapping the lid firmly with a wooden spoon.

tanith Sat 02-Mar-24 17:27:44

You might need to do it a few times.

NotSpaghetti Sat 02-Mar-24 17:34:41

Have you removed a see-through security strip?
My husband tried to open something the other day with that shrink-wrap thingy still on! 😂

TheatreLover Sat 02-Mar-24 17:36:02

Run lid under hot water then, if you wear rubber gloves, the lid should unscrew: no idea why wearing rubber gloves works, but it usually does.

MiniMoon Sat 02-Mar-24 17:36:50

I have a jar of strawberry jam, and I'm having exactly the same problem. It has defeated us both and is now languishing in the cupboard.

SynchroSwimmer Sat 02-Mar-24 17:39:50

Screwdriver under the lid - just to break the seal

mae13 Sat 02-Mar-24 17:49:26


mae13 Sat 02-Mar-24 18:19:54

Success! I held the jar under the hot tap and very carefully used a chub screwdriver on it. I deserve a medal.

AskAlice Sat 02-Mar-24 18:23:26

I find banging the edges of the lid on a chopping board loosens almost any lid. Glad to hear you finally got the blooming thing open!

Oldbat1 Sat 02-Mar-24 22:43:01

There is a kitchen gadget called “Jarkey” which i can recommend. I find opening jars easy.

twiglet77 Sat 02-Mar-24 22:48:26

Pour half an inch of very hot kettle water into bowl and place the jar in it, lid down. Leave a minute or so and it should then unscrew.

flappergirl Sat 02-Mar-24 22:51:07

I've got one of those grippy things. I didn't want to give in to my feeble hands, but I got so fed up with looking longingly at unopened jars.

Callistemon21 Sat 02-Mar-24 22:54:56

I see you've done it but I tap all round the edges of the lid smartly with the back of a knife. It releases the seal.
Rubber gloves work but those rubber mats from Lakeland designed to grip lids are better.

I hope the chutney wasn't as solid!

Callistemon21 Sat 02-Mar-24 22:55:41

BlueBelle Sat 02-Mar-24 22:56:32

I use the shed door jamb works every time

Summerfly Sat 02-Mar-24 23:20:20

I do the same Askalice. Works a treat.

Whitewavemark2 Sun 03-Mar-24 05:56:46

Pierce the lid.

M0nica Sun 03-Mar-24 06:23:05

I do the same as WWM2, I take a sharp knife with a pointed end and ram it through the lid to break the seal.

Greyduster Sun 03-Mar-24 06:28:52

I find those silicone gripping mats work a treat too.

Curtaintwitcher Sun 03-Mar-24 06:52:22

A few ideas to try there! I have at least 2 jars of jam which must be past their date now but I've kept them in the hope that I might find a way to open them.

luluaugust Sun 03-Mar-24 08:10:47

Lakeland has the gadget we use to break the seal, but safer than stabbing the lid with a carving knife!

Auntieflo Sun 03-Mar-24 09:04:48

Mae13, I see that you have solved your problem, but I have both of these in the kitchen drawer, and they are excellent at opening jars and other tough to open tops, i.e. bleach bottles.

mae13 Sun 03-Mar-24 09:19:37

Auntieflo: are they available from Amazon?