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watermeadow Wed 03-Apr-24 15:06:13

I’m permanently trying to lose weight so try to avoid carbs. I’m also vegetarian. My problem is finding satisfying proteins.
Lentils and pulses are good but carbohydrates, cheese and nuts are full of fats.I don’t like tofu.
Is there anything I haven’t thought of which will fill me up without adding weight?

Theexwife Wed 03-Apr-24 15:21:58

Protein shakes, the ones I have are about 100 calories and contain 40gms of protein. There are many flavours available.

I eat stirfrys and veg casserole and because of the shakes dont have to worry about protein in my meals.

LadyGaGa Wed 03-Apr-24 15:40:01

I agree. I too am veggie and trying to eat healthier. Do you like eggs? I also eat smaller versions of carbs , such as thin bagels, sandwich thins and also crumpets. Gives a bit more substance to meals. Anything made with non meat mince, such as a chilli or shepherd’s pie, filled with veg and pulses with a small amount of carbs. I did try cauliflower rice and butternut squash spaghetti but it wasn’t very filling. I also couldn’t manage without light Philadelphia! On anything - especially baked sweet potato or bagels. It’s also really nice stirred into sauces or soups to add creaminess. The protein shakes are a good idea - I never thought of doing that.

Sago Wed 03-Apr-24 16:10:35

Vegetable tagine, aubergine parmagiano, dhals and vegetarian curries, stuffed peppers/mushrooms/marrow, vegetarian shepherds pie with a root veg mash topping (celeriac, swede,sweet potato)
Try sourdough bread , if it’s previously been frozen and then toasted it’s lower carb.
Perfect omelette making, never add milk and have a good pan with a lid.
Homemade soups and a salad try watermelon,mint, feta cheese ( you don’t need much),chilli and spinach.

Germanshepherdsmum Wed 03-Apr-24 16:19:37

Do you eat fish?

LOUISA1523 Wed 03-Apr-24 16:59:24


Do you eat fish?

OP is vegetarian

Germanshepherdsmum Wed 03-Apr-24 17:03:24

So is my daughter in law, but like many vegetarians she eats fish.

BlueBelle Wed 03-Apr-24 17:12:05

I started a thread about this a few days back I too am a vegi (no meat or fish) but definitely eat too many carbs and trying to cut back
Here’s a funny story I was speaking to a colleague today this is how the conversation went
Her ….“I know you’re a vegetarian so you don’t eat meat of fish do you eat vegetables ????”

It’s difficult because I like potatoes, rice, noodles, pasta, cous cous, etc etc
Afraid protein shakes wouldn’t do it for me at all, I need to chew and have solid food
I been trying hard and having lots of salads with some Quorn or cheese and onion bakes etc but it’s hard especially when you have neither time or inclination to cook fancy stuff

shysal Wed 03-Apr-24 17:23:53

Adding a handful of lentils when cooking home-made soups makes them more filling.

Germanshepherdsmum Wed 03-Apr-24 17:30:04

When entertaining my daughter in law I inevitably resort to a vegetarian pasta dish, fish dish, vegetarian shepherd’s pie or stuffed mushrooms with a roast for the main course. I do find it difficult catering for a vegetarian when everyone else likes meat but never say so.

Ladyleftfieldlover Wed 03-Apr-24 17:34:42

This time last year my brother and his partner were staying with me. She is a gluten free vegan. Nightmare but we managed.

BlueBelle Wed 03-Apr-24 17:37:42

But vegetarian pasta and shepherds pie are containing carbs
This thread is about exploring less or no carbs

Germanshepherdsmum Wed 03-Apr-24 17:42:31

Of course they are. I simply said what I resort to (because it’s so bloody difficult to feed one vegetarian whilst trying to satisfy a load of meat eaters). If one consumed no carbs at all one wouldn’t be very well. Carbs in breakfast and lunch can be controlled in order to consume more at dinner. Thank God my dil is skinny as a rake and not carb conscious.

Theexwife Wed 03-Apr-24 18:18:54

Pescatarians often wrongly call themselves vegetarians which can be annoying for hosts.

PaperMonster Wed 03-Apr-24 21:21:28

If you’re low carbing, you need the fat and protein. So cheese and nuts are absolutely fine and won’t add on the weight. Instead of potatoes use celeriac, Konjac rice and noodles are low carb and filling. Low carb bread is available. I’m not veggie but eat lots of celeriac, cauliflower, broccoli and mushrooms. So, for example, I will have mushrooms instead of rice with a curry. I’ll have fish and celeriac chips.

Farmor15 Wed 03-Apr-24 21:28:31

I was also wondering why you were trying to avoid fats as well as carbs. Cheese and nuts are excellent sources of protein. And eggs, as others have mentioned.

BlueBelle Wed 03-Apr-24 21:43:06

GSM I didn’t say no carbs though …cutting down not out
I do eat cheese and fish
Not really sure how mushrooms are a substitute for rice I put mushrooms in curry anyway
What’s Konjac rice I ve never heard of that ?

Whiff Wed 03-Apr-24 21:57:29

watermeadow do you eat Quorn. I don't eat meat but do eat chicken and before anyone says it's meat it's not it's poultry. I used Quorn mince,chicken pieces and sausages. They are protein . I use a lot of pearl barely ,red lentils and tinned beans in water plus loads of veg. On the Pears thread on diet and exercise I explain how I eat and why. I always have 60g dry weight of oats cooked in coconut milk in the microwave. I find it filling as it's a slow release food. If Iake it with skimmed milk either have 20g honey or 2 tablespoon of dark brown sugar. When I used pearl barley or red lentils always use 150g, pasta 100g, tinned beans I think drained. Bulgar wheat I use to boost my cal intake if low on my daily allowance 30-40g. I cook 500g packet of long grain rice once cold packed in 100g portions and frozen which I just add to my stew dinner from frozen to reheat.

This isn't making sense but very tired but just a few suggestions. I lost 7st over 5 years as I realised it was a marathon not a sprint to lose weight . Was over 19st size 32 now size 16. Will never be slim and have saggy baggy skin. But decades of being obese skin does not tighten up without surgery .

Sago Thu 04-Apr-24 08:59:27


But vegetarian pasta and shepherds pie are containing carbs
This thread is about exploring less or no carbs

Shepherds pie with root veg mash is low carb if you use celeriac and sweet potato.
A pasta dish can be made with a smaller amount of wholewheat pasta.

Purplepixie Thu 04-Apr-24 09:02:05

I make a vegetable paella for one of my friends and that is really filling. Do you eat fish? Then try a fish pie with vegetables .

Grammaretto Thu 04-Apr-24 09:17:52

If you eat eggs and dairy you are getting enough protein.
I'm pescatarian though rarely eat fish.
I find all pulses disagree with my digestion.

I often eat pasta with homemade Mediterranean style sauce; (aubergine, onion, garlic,courgette, red pepper, mushroom, tin of toms, herbs etc) and grated cheese, with a green salad.
Or a rice dish courtesy of Madhur Jaffrey
Half a baked potato is cheap and filling too.
I'm not actively trying to lose weight but don't want to gain either.

Good luck to you.

pen50 Sat 06-Apr-24 11:06:29

Chuck some egg white in wherever you can get away with it. Cheap and basically just protein and water. Leftover egg yolks can be cooked and fed to your partner/pets/wild birds.

cc Sat 06-Apr-24 11:44:39

I have had to cater for vegetarians and usually use Quorn mince in a sauce for pasta, sometimes adding lentils of various kinds to bulk it out. My husband is a dedicated carnivore but will eat this.
I use Mutti chopped tomatoes to give it enough depth of flavour, ordinary chopped tomatoes can have a more acid flavour and I don't want to add extra sugar. Plus tomato puree if you want.
Somebody else mentioned above that if you cool carbohydrates and then reheat them they become "resistant" so better for blood sugar, slower to digest and filling you up better - I usually use pre-coooked pasta.
Obviously you can use this mince sauce for other things such as Keema curry or chilli with beans and different reheated carbohydrates.

cc Sat 06-Apr-24 11:51:56

There's loads of information online about low glycemic foods, obviously white bread and white rice are high on the glycemic index, but brown basmati rice and reheated carbs of various kinds are lower so could be eaten in small quantities. Surprisingly, Thai rice is worse than basmati.
If you include some "higher glycemic" food in your meal its effect is tempered by the low glycemic foods you eat with it, sort of averaging out the meal.

NotSpaghetti Sat 06-Apr-24 12:02:33

All carbohydrates are easier/lighter if chilled or frozen first.

Pre-cook potatoes, pasta etc. and reheat.
There is science behind it but can't remember it. To do with chilling - you "use" less carbs.