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jigsaw query - is this the right place?

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ninathenana Sat 03-Jun-17 16:51:10

Mine dosen't zip it has flaps that fold out. Velcro along top and bottom. As Greyduster says although it's ridged it's too big to use on your lap.

hulahoop Sat 03-Jun-17 15:58:26

I use roll up one occasionally have to readjust some pieces

Greyduster Sat 03-Jun-17 15:23:21

DH had a large Portapuzzle for Christmas (he and GS are jigsaw nuts!). You couldn't put it on your knee, but it is the best thing ever for keeping jigsaws and all the loose pieces together. Everything stays in the right place when it is zipped up and put away.

whitewave Sat 03-Jun-17 14:57:04

DH always does some as the evenings draw in - usually Christmas ones and he has a large green felt role which seems to keep it perfectly in place. I think it came from John Lewis.

eddiecat78 Sat 03-Jun-17 14:48:34

Thanks - with the Portapuzzle do the pieces stay in the right place when it is folded up?
And do you need to have it on a table when you use it or could you just have it on your knee? (I`m not sure how stiff it is)

Alima Sat 03-Jun-17 14:28:13

I have a portapuzzle like nina. Gets kept under the sofa when not in use.

ninathenana Sat 03-Jun-17 13:54:24

I have a Jumbo portapuzzle which has an area 22" x 30" for the puzzle. When opened out there is plenty of room to sort pieces.
I had a roll up one, but wouldn't recommed them I found the pieces slipped when it was rolled.

eddiecat78 Sat 03-Jun-17 13:25:14

Apologies if this should be posted under Arts and Crafts - perhpas someone can move it if necessary
My elderly father is getting bored in his care home and says he might like to do jigsaws. The problem is that he is rather short of space so it wouldn`t be possible to leave one out on a table. I see that there are various fold-up tray/board things and I`m wondering if one of those would help. He would need a puzzle with fairly large pieces so the finished puzzle would be quite big.

Any advice/recommendations would be much appreciated