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crazyH Sun 03-Nov-19 13:43:11

Last word :

Cost estimated

matson Sun 03-Nov-19 14:19:00

Estimated charge

WOODMOUSE49 Sun 03-Nov-19 14:44:23

Charge nurse

angelic Sun 03-Nov-19 16:11:00

Nurse training

crazyH Sun 03-Nov-19 16:41:43

Training animals

GrandmaJan Sun 03-Nov-19 17:35:59

Animals caged

matson Sun 03-Nov-19 22:16:37

Caged in

crazyH Sun 03-Nov-19 23:04:32

In awe

angelic Mon 04-Nov-19 11:45:33

Awe inspiring

GrandmaJan Mon 04-Nov-19 12:07:28

Inspiring children

angelic Mon 04-Nov-19 14:06:17

Children playing

crazyH Mon 04-Nov-19 14:10:50

playing games

Oldandverygrey Mon 04-Nov-19 14:39:30

Games Room

matson Mon 04-Nov-19 15:37:13

Room for

angelic Mon 04-Nov-19 17:56:15

For me?

crazyH Mon 04-Nov-19 19:01:05

Me too

matson Mon 04-Nov-19 21:09:55

Too much

Bathsheba Mon 04-Nov-19 21:11:12

Much love

GrandmaJan Mon 04-Nov-19 21:36:42

Love hearts

Tangerine Mon 04-Nov-19 22:20:18

Hearts beating

crazyH Mon 04-Nov-19 22:42:43

Beating drums

WOODMOUSE49 Tue 05-Nov-19 00:44:02

Drums please

crazyH Tue 05-Nov-19 01:02:16

Please listen

angelic Tue 05-Nov-19 08:47:36

Listen in

crazyH Tue 05-Nov-19 09:01:32

In harmony

JessK Tue 05-Nov-19 10:12:14

Harmony voices

crazyH Tue 05-Nov-19 10:13:45

Voices heard

WOODMOUSE49 Tue 05-Nov-19 11:19:07

Heard noise

GrandmaJan Tue 05-Nov-19 11:58:59

Noise abatement

crazyH Tue 05-Nov-19 12:19:08

Abatement society

angelic Tue 05-Nov-19 16:29:18

Society talk

crazyH Tue 05-Nov-19 17:03:23

Talk nonsense

QuaintIrene Tue 05-Nov-19 19:36:37

Nonsense verse

angelic Tue 05-Nov-19 20:56:45

Verse said

crazyH Tue 05-Nov-19 20:59:19

Said what?

JessK Tue 05-Nov-19 21:17:47

What for

Tangerine Tue 05-Nov-19 21:37:41

For nothing

GrandmaJan Tue 05-Nov-19 21:53:31

Nothing happening

threexnanny Tue 05-Nov-19 21:54:59

Happening tonight

crazyH Tue 05-Nov-19 21:57:30

Tonight fireworks

QuaintIrene Tue 05-Nov-19 22:41:05

Fireworks display

JessK Wed 06-Nov-19 10:54:03

Display cabinet

Oldandverygrey Wed 06-Nov-19 12:49:11

Cabinet Minister

matson Wed 06-Nov-19 14:26:57

Minister for

angelic Wed 06-Nov-19 15:51:50

For you

threexnanny Wed 06-Nov-19 15:53:46

You asked

QuaintIrene Wed 06-Nov-19 16:58:16

Asked nicely

Fernbergien Wed 06-Nov-19 17:14:34

Nicely done

GrandmaJan Wed 06-Nov-19 18:33:13

Done quickly

angelic Wed 06-Nov-19 20:00:59

Quickly made

crazyH Wed 06-Nov-19 20:48:02

Made peace

JessK Wed 06-Nov-19 21:15:20

Peace pipe

angelic Wed 06-Nov-19 22:26:48

Pipe dream

QuaintIrene Wed 06-Nov-19 22:43:05

Dream on !

Tangerine Wed 06-Nov-19 22:59:16

On time

WOODMOUSE49 Wed 06-Nov-19 23:40:36

Time piece

Fernbergien Thu 07-Nov-19 12:54:09

Piece work

angelic Thu 07-Nov-19 14:17:33

Work station

QuaintIrene Thu 07-Nov-19 14:29:21

Station stop

Oldandverygrey Thu 07-Nov-19 14:59:51

Stop Gap

GrandmaJan Thu 07-Nov-19 15:37:21

Gap widens

matson Thu 07-Nov-19 17:21:13

Widens gap

Delila Thu 07-Nov-19 18:06:31

Gap toothed

crazyH Thu 07-Nov-19 18:21:36

toothed comb

JessK Thu 07-Nov-19 21:23:01

Comb teeth

GrandmaJan Thu 07-Nov-19 21:28:13

Teeth extraction

Tangerine Thu 07-Nov-19 21:29:27

Extraction required

crazyH Thu 07-Nov-19 21:30:04

Required attention

GrandmaJan Thu 07-Nov-19 21:33:41

Attention class!

crazyH Thu 07-Nov-19 21:35:11

Class dismissed !

Tangerine Thu 07-Nov-19 21:37:51

Dismissed instantly

GrandmaJan Thu 07-Nov-19 21:38:09

Dismissed immediately

JessK Thu 07-Nov-19 21:47:59

Immediately following

Bathsheba Thu 07-Nov-19 21:57:18

Following around

QuaintIrene Thu 07-Nov-19 22:31:16

Around here

crazyH Thu 07-Nov-19 22:32:54

Here comes...

Marydoll Thu 07-Nov-19 22:42:04

Comes out

angelic Fri 08-Nov-19 08:55:19

Out done

crazyH Fri 08-Nov-19 08:58:17

Done well

JessK Fri 08-Nov-19 09:29:56

Well read

Delila Fri 08-Nov-19 12:13:30

Read thoroughly

QuaintIrene Fri 08-Nov-19 12:17:06

Thoroughly cleaned

Oldandverygrey Fri 08-Nov-19 13:11:55

Cleaned windows

WOODMOUSE49 Fri 08-Nov-19 13:47:14

Windows open

GrandmaJan Fri 08-Nov-19 14:13:35

Open wide

Tangerine Fri 08-Nov-19 14:41:27

Wide driveway

crazyH Fri 08-Nov-19 14:43:17

Driveway cleaned

QuaintIrene Fri 08-Nov-19 14:43:33

Driveway blocked

QuaintIrene Fri 08-Nov-19 14:44:52

Cleaned obsessively

crazyH Fri 08-Nov-19 14:45:50

Obsessively loved

Marydoll Fri 08-Nov-19 14:58:33

Loved up

angelic Fri 08-Nov-19 16:11:48

Up here

QuaintIrene Fri 08-Nov-19 17:11:31

Here again

Marydoll Fri 08-Nov-19 18:49:58

Again stuck!

That's a difficult one to follow

threexnanny Fri 08-Nov-19 19:38:02

Stuck down

Marydoll Fri 08-Nov-19 20:01:49

Down beat

crazyH Fri 08-Nov-19 20:37:02

Beat drums

JessK Fri 08-Nov-19 21:31:12

Drums rhythm

vissos Fri 08-Nov-19 22:05:32

Rhythm method

angelic Sat 09-Nov-19 09:32:12

Method working

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