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Tangerine Fri 14-Jun-19 22:55:49

Never accept lifts

crazyH Fri 14-Jun-19 22:58:30

For Tanya's sake

NickyJo64 Sat 15-Jun-19 02:06:18

Alleluia King Edward

JessK Sat 15-Jun-19 09:46:09

Am rather desperate

fairisle Sat 15-Jun-19 11:58:21

Arranged the entertainment

Bellanonna Sat 15-Jun-19 12:11:10

Easier next time

fairisle Sat 15-Jun-19 13:02:08

I must exercise

farview Sat 15-Jun-19 14:56:01

Imagining summer evenings

fairisle Sat 15-Jun-19 17:15:40

Numb,great show!

Bellanonna Sat 15-Jun-19 19:57:58

Have outstayed welcome

LadyGracie Sat 15-Jun-19 20:24:55

Oh my ear

JessK Sat 15-Jun-19 21:57:05

Echoing and recurring

fairisle Sun 16-Jun-19 12:32:11

Irate neighbour! great!

crazyH Sun 16-Jun-19 12:34:56

Every angle taken

Bellanonna Sun 16-Jun-19 12:52:59

Keep everything neat

fairisle Sun 16-Jun-19 17:24:47

Expecting a thunderstorm

farview Sun 16-Jun-19 18:23:10

Ostrich running manically...

fairisle Mon 17-Jun-19 14:00:02

Long lasting yeast

Bellanonna Mon 17-Jun-19 19:47:13

A special treat

Scribbles Mon 17-Jun-19 21:49:36

Eats at twelve

Bellanonna Mon 17-Jun-19 23:24:11

Love veal escalopes

crazyH Mon 17-Jun-19 23:33:02

Please escape soon

Bellanonna Tue 18-Jun-19 08:37:34

On overtime now

JessK Tue 18-Jun-19 09:32:00

No open window

fairisle Tue 18-Jun-19 14:24:35

Driving on water

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