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Elegran Sun 18-Apr-21 10:03:20

On another thread, (about hijacking threads, if you want to find it) this was suggested as a potential thread title - each post to have nothing whatever to do with the previous one I though that a very good idea, but no-one seems to have taken it up and started one, so here goes. Not a conversation, no sequencing, totally non sequiturs.

Supermarket potatoes are sprouting faster than I can cook and eat them!

Blossoming Sun 18-Apr-21 10:05:44

Why aren’t goldfinches gold?

Loislovesstewie Sun 18-Apr-21 10:11:59

Why do things always break down just when the warranty has expired?

Witzend Sun 18-Apr-21 10:13:31

My Gdd (nearly 6) wants me to knit 3 outfits for each of her 9 Barbies - a winter, spring and summer one.
And a coat each because they might feel cold out of doors otherwise. 😱

Aveline Sun 18-Apr-21 10:17:06

I've been told not to eat yellow snow. Is this unreasonable?

grandmajet Sun 18-Apr-21 10:18:50

Why, as you grow older, does your hair get thinner but your toenails get thicker?

Shinamae Sun 18-Apr-21 10:18:51

I like scurtlewumps....

Cherrytree59 Sun 18-Apr-21 10:29:27

Why did I hate sprouts as a child, but love 'em now??

dragonfly46 Sun 18-Apr-21 10:30:15

Why are my ears getting bigger?

Casdon Sun 18-Apr-21 10:32:20

My dog has a sixth sense. My daughter’s coming today for the first time since lockdown started, and somehow he knows, he’s on full alert, I think he’s waiting for the sound of her car.

Alegrias1 Sun 18-Apr-21 10:33:59

Mornington Crescent.

EllanVannin Sun 18-Apr-21 10:34:55

Why is it that when you put a new or newly washed garment on that you invariably spill, splash or mark it in some way ?

AGAA4 Sun 18-Apr-21 10:37:05

I have far too many books and not enough space.

muse Sun 18-Apr-21 10:43:24

Need some rain.

Puzzler61 Sun 18-Apr-21 10:46:01

I don’t have any sense of smell in the mornings - it kicks in about noon. Always has!

Elegran Sun 18-Apr-21 11:15:17

Foccacia is rumbling away getting kneaded in the breadmaker. I've seen Foccaccia Bread Art on the net and I am tempted to create a flower garden on it, but I think I should stick to rosemary, black pepper and sea salt.

JaneJudge Sun 18-Apr-21 11:17:21

Why does my next door neighbours visiting daughter's dog have such a weird bark? confused

NotAGran55 Sun 18-Apr-21 12:59:51

Why do I love to walk around cities but not the beautiful countryside outside my door 🚪?

Nell8 Sun 18-Apr-21 13:28:39

Were Bill and Ben ever Flowerpot Boys?

Calendargirl Sun 18-Apr-21 13:49:37

Why does it rain when I have just watered the garden?

grandMattie Sun 18-Apr-21 13:52:48

Why is the foam on a bubble bath always cold?

grandMattie Sun 18-Apr-21 13:53:27


Why does it rain when I have just watered the garden?

Or when the windows have just been cleaned?

Elegran Sun 18-Apr-21 13:59:35

The trouble with this thread is that what comes into your mind to post is usually put there by the previous post. There must be a great hole there waiting to be filled.

nanna8 Sun 18-Apr-21 13:59:49

Why is every seventh wave bigger than the rest?

Grannynannywanny Sun 18-Apr-21 14:06:05

I stubbed my big toe 3 months ago and the nail turned navy blue. It fell off yesterday( the nail not the toe)

I’ll spare you any photographic evidence.