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biglouis Mon 05-Jul-21 00:07:44

Television presenter

threexnanny Mon 26-Jul-21 16:38:58

Presenter giggled

biglouis Tue 27-Jul-21 18:18:27

giggled hysterically

Ali08 Mon 18-Oct-21 11:29:17

Hysterically hopeless.

br0adwater Wed 08-Dec-21 23:10:51

Hopeless case

crazyH Wed 08-Dec-21 23:11:35

Case closed

bridie54 Wed 08-Dec-21 23:26:25

Closed door

Bridie22 Thu 09-Dec-21 07:39:51

Door knocker

Ali08 Thu 09-Dec-21 11:33:53

Knocker man (I'm thinking of the person who used to go round knocking on doors to wake people up before we had alarm clocks).

GoldenLady Thu 09-Dec-21 15:54:40

Man overboard!

TillyTrotter Thu 09-Dec-21 15:57:08

Overboard casualty

Bridie22 Thu 09-Dec-21 18:50:15

Casualty Department

NanKate Thu 09-Dec-21 22:01:04

Department Store

Crocus5 Thu 09-Dec-21 22:22:35

Store closed

TillyTrotter Sat 11-Dec-21 08:21:41

Closed subject

Crocus5 Sat 11-Dec-21 10:15:15

Subject discussed

henetha Sat 11-Dec-21 10:22:14

Discussed agenda

Crocus5 Wed 15-Dec-21 20:00:32

Agenda long

SachaMac Wed 15-Dec-21 20:20:45

Long journey

eGJ Wed 15-Dec-21 20:32:13

Journey time

Bridie22 Wed 15-Dec-21 21:09:05

Time travel

TillyTrotter Wed 15-Dec-21 22:12:59

Travel light

eGJ Thu 16-Dec-21 12:48:00

Light show

May7 Thu 16-Dec-21 16:13:04

Show off

Kim19 Thu 16-Dec-21 16:21:31

Off piste

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