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nanna8 Fri 20-Aug-21 08:38:39

Write a sentence using 3 consecutive alphabet letters going through the alphabet so ABC could be
A bsolutely
B eautiful
C hildren and next would be DEF.
We’re in extended lockdown here so it might help !

Crocus5 Fri 20-Aug-21 08:53:47

Doing everything frantically

JessK Fri 20-Aug-21 09:43:58

Great historical impact

henetha Fri 20-Aug-21 10:14:36

Just knitting leggings

nanna8 Fri 20-Aug-21 11:57:39

Missing nights off!

crazyH Fri 20-Aug-21 12:03:58

Meeting new osteopath

EkwaNimitee Fri 20-Aug-21 17:34:54

Posing query repeatedly

JessK Sat 21-Aug-21 09:34:36

Some terrible usage

Ashcombe Sat 21-Aug-21 09:38:21

Very wide xylophone!

Scribbles Sat 21-Aug-21 11:36:51

Youthful Zoo Assistant

Callistemon Sat 21-Aug-21 12:06:47


Ashcombe Sat 21-Aug-21 12:15:10

Extra friendly Gransnet

lovebeigecardigans1955 Sat 21-Aug-21 12:18:59

Highly inventive joker

henetha Sat 21-Aug-21 13:10:05

Kitten loudly miaows

Juliet27 Sat 21-Aug-21 13:11:27

Not opening parcel

Scribbles Sat 21-Aug-21 14:16:26

Quite Relaxed Saturdays

Witzend Sat 21-Aug-21 14:18:47

Tuning Up Violin

Notinthemanual Sat 21-Aug-21 15:21:36

xenophobic yodelling zealot

DanniRae Sat 21-Aug-21 16:15:02

Always baking cakes

threexnanny Sat 21-Aug-21 16:17:02

Didn't eat fruit

Juliet27 Sat 21-Aug-21 16:19:55

Given him ideas

Scribbles Sat 21-Aug-21 19:11:08

Jonathan Keeps Laughing

Crocus5 Sat 21-Aug-21 21:48:35

Match not over

crazyH Sat 21-Aug-21 21:50:12

Please queue right

Scribbles Sat 21-Aug-21 23:17:51

Signs to Upminster