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What are you doing right now.

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Grandpajo Tue 21-Dec-21 01:01:48

Making a cup of tea with oat milk .

Hithere Tue 21-Dec-21 01:02:17

Having dinner

OnwardandUpward Tue 21-Dec-21 01:04:43

I've gone to bed, but reading...GN. I must stop as it's tomorrow! grin

Grandpajo Tue 21-Dec-21 01:11:10


I've gone to bed, but reading...GN. I must stop as it's tomorrow! grin

Good luck .I can't sleep tonite because of the trombone and this tea is really foul

Marydoll Tue 21-Dec-21 01:16:17

I have been following the progress of Soop's fundraiser and am off to bed, now that she has achieved her goal!

Marydoll Tue 21-Dec-21 01:18:46

Grandpajo, why don't you find an all night store and buy some real milk! The fresh air will help you sleep. ?

Redhead56 Tue 21-Dec-21 01:21:50

Have been watching Soops fund get to target now it’s bedtime.

Grandpajo Tue 21-Dec-21 01:21:57


*Grandpajo*, why don't you find an all night store and buy some real milk! The fresh air will help you sleep. ?

ThankssmileIts alright though I'm on the sofa now with LBC on really low won't be long before I doze off.

BlueBalou Tue 21-Dec-21 05:39:19

Awake with a headache ☹️ and enjoying a cup of coffee from
my Tassimo.

BBbevan Tue 21-Dec-21 05:50:21

My usual time to wake. So a bit of GN until DH surfaces and makes tea.

BigBertha1 Tue 21-Dec-21 10:00:29

Some admin while DH hoovers up.

Aldom Tue 21-Dec-21 10:06:15

I've just finished sending a message to a friend asking if she has sent me a parcel. Rather embarrassing to have to ask, but I've received an expensive box of toiletries with an unsigned gift card enclosed. As the gift was sent direct from the company there are no clues. Watch this space smile

AGAA4 Tue 21-Dec-21 10:43:07

I am wondering which job on my list to tackle first.

kittylester Tue 21-Dec-21 10:46:26

Wrapping presents and waiting for my brother to call round. He has been very ill this year and it is great that he is able to drive here at all. And, I hope he doesn't stay too long.

Maggiemaybe Tue 21-Dec-21 11:05:16

I’m very busy prevaricating.

FarNorth Tue 21-Dec-21 11:24:17

Still in bed.
I only went to bed about 2am, tho.

Allegretto Tue 21-Dec-21 11:25:34

Having a coffee before I head to the hairdressers. I’m always a bit nervous of covid when mixing, but so far they have been excellent in following their strict protocols.

Rosalyn69 Tue 21-Dec-21 11:30:33

Going to the hair salon before Mr Drakeford claps us in irons.

Urmstongran Tue 21-Dec-21 11:43:11

Playing a game of cafes with L’il Miss. I’m choosing which cake I want.

MiniMoon Tue 21-Dec-21 11:43:35

Making early Christmas Dinner for our son and his partner who are unable to join us on the big day.

Later, cat wrangling at DD' house! Don't ask!!

NannyJan53 Tue 21-Dec-21 11:46:28

Having a Latte after cleaning bathroom and kitchen, whilst reading GN

essjay Tue 21-Dec-21 11:47:10

have just returned from daughters, grandsons birthday, building lego model with him.

Ladyleftfieldlover Tue 21-Dec-21 11:54:22

Eating a mouthful of peanuts and wondering what this year’s Christmas cake design should be as I want to decorate it this afternoon.

Shelbel Tue 21-Dec-21 11:58:10

Sitting in a chair reading GN ofc wink

Oldbutstilluseful Tue 21-Dec-21 12:03:59

Watching World’s Most Scenic Railway Journeys whilst waiting for a nurse to come and take bloods as a follow up to a survey I completed last February. Wish I could remember but think it was the Zoe one ?