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What three things can you see right now

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Grandpajo Sat 15-Jan-22 20:26:54

An inglenook fireplace
A table full of lego
A shitzu snoring on my rug

tanith Sat 15-Jan-22 20:30:17

A vase of Daffodils
A cup of tea
My sewing box

nanaK54 Sat 15-Jan-22 20:31:17

My knitting
Blazing wood burner

crazyH Sat 15-Jan-22 20:33:42

Lovely aerial photo of my old house
Dove grey wall

ixion Sat 15-Jan-22 20:37:09

Cat asleep
Husband asleep- despite ➡️
Snooker on the tv he wanted to watch...🤔

NotAGran55 Sat 15-Jan-22 20:37:24

Glass of wine
Ricky Gervais

Skybubble Sat 15-Jan-22 20:38:39

My pug on my sofa
My mug of coffee
My iPad

Beauregard Sat 15-Jan-22 20:41:31

Pasta recipe book
Vegetable growing book
Holiday brochures

kittylester Sat 15-Jan-22 20:45:54

The Wheel on TV
A bowl of chocolates
My feet which need a pedicure which is booked for next week.

Jaxjacky Sat 15-Jan-22 20:52:08

Leftover Christmas sweets
Two packets we’re holding for a friend

BBbevan Sat 15-Jan-22 20:54:04

Kindle and my fingers

LauraNorderr Sat 15-Jan-22 20:54:59

An empty stalk that held delicious green grapes ten minutes ago.
Michael McIntyre on the tv.
My feet wearing Christmas socks. I have washed them a few times since but they find their way back, sooooo comfortable.

Millie22 Sat 15-Jan-22 21:00:26

Christmas presents that still need to be put away
My knitting
A lovely flickering fire

Ladyleftfieldlover Sat 15-Jan-22 21:00:33

One of my cats who is curled up next to me,
A vase of carnations and roses
A photo of my granddaughter

ginny Sat 15-Jan-22 21:05:51

My new lamp that DH bought me for Christmas.
Photos of my DGs
My crochet blanket in progress.

Anniebach Sat 15-Jan-22 21:11:48

A collection of owls
Two dogs

thorns2roses Sat 15-Jan-22 21:14:43

Pile of clothes, woolly hat, body warmer, coat etc for when the room temperature drops.
Pile of paperwork to be culled.

bowl of hyacinths,
log fire,
my old cat sprawled over her favourite chair.

Grandpajo Sat 15-Jan-22 21:18:46


My pug on my sofa
My mug of coffee
My iPad

My wife really wants a pug but I really want a dalmation.So I said let's compromise and have a black pug which I do like.She said No.grin

MiniMoon Sat 15-Jan-22 22:03:12

Cuckoo clock
Unlit log burner (it's all ready just to light, but I haven't felt the need today).

Oopsadaisy1 Sat 15-Jan-22 22:12:43

New Tricks on TV
Fairy lights on around fireplace
Box of Celebrations, well, half a box….

Kali2 Sat 15-Jan-22 22:15:48

a 3 legged cat with legs up in the air on his back
a Lalique vase
and Itv news.

BigBertha1 Sat 15-Jan-22 22:21:23

Picture of a large magenta chysanth.
Grey chest of drawers

Kim19 Sat 15-Jan-22 22:23:43

Magnifying glass

Pudding123 Sat 15-Jan-22 22:28:38

Tom Petty on the TV
My Yankee Candle
My newly painted for nails on my footstool

Kate1949 Sat 15-Jan-22 22:39:58

These posts on GN
A glass of Pinot Grigio
Spectacular Spain with Alex Polizzo or whatever her name is on TV.