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How are you getting on with Wordle?

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gransruleok Fri 18-Mar-22 10:11:44

Just couldn’t get yesterday’s Wordle - did you? Some days it’s quite difficult. Do others agree?

Ilovecheese Fri 18-Mar-22 10:22:12

Oh yes, some days it seems easier to get than other days. I don't think I could get it every day if I was doing it on my own.

MissAdventure Fri 18-Mar-22 10:23:51

It's almost impossible some days.
I usually end up shifting almost all of the right letters around, convinced I've tried every word there is.

sodapop Fri 18-Mar-22 12:49:32

Only failed once so far but used up all my lives at times.

Fennel Fri 18-Mar-22 13:00:15

My daughter s hooked and tried to get me interested.
I tried once and got it first try ! Maybe she rigged it because she fears her old Mum is going into mental decline - (could be true).
But honestly these word games and puzzles don't interest me I hope she wasn't offended. Maybe I should apologise

gransruleok Fri 18-Mar-22 13:04:57

But did anyone get yesterday’s - (Thursday) ?

TillyTrotter Fri 18-Mar-22 13:07:39

DH and I are a bit hooked on Wordle at the moment and what I like about it is some days he gets it in fewer go’s and sometimes I do. Often if one of us says “phew the word was hard today” the other will reply “oh I got it in 3”.
We both agree there is quite a lot of luck in it.

TillyTrotter Fri 18-Mar-22 13:09:12

Yes, got yesterday’s on the 4th try.

Tattooedfidelma Fri 18-Mar-22 13:10:38

I love wordle and in competition with two of my daughters. Yesterdays was difficult. On my 3rd word I spent 10 minutes trying to work out what would come next. Eventually I put in a random word using left over letters and 2 were in the right place and after that it was straight forward and got it in 5. There have been words that I haven’t heard of and I’ve only got it right because of luck!!!

VioletSky Fri 18-Mar-22 13:12:59

I'm hanging on to my 100%

I think when I lose it I'll probably stop playing lol

seacliff Fri 18-Mar-22 13:14:35

Yesterday I gave up, perhaps just wasn't in the mood

FannyCornforth Fri 18-Mar-22 13:15:35

I think that I got it in three yesterday, but can’t remember the word at all. Never can.
I average at 3 or 4.

tanith Fri 18-Mar-22 13:20:58

I took 5 yesterday convinced there wasnt a word that could fit on 4 then realised it was staring me in the face lol

FannyCornforth Fri 18-Mar-22 13:26:11

Oh! It was movie! Yes, it was tricky

VioletSky Fri 18-Mar-22 13:41:04

The worst is when you have 4 letters right but there are multiple options for the 5th

Marian1412 Fri 18-Mar-22 13:43:13

It was MOVIE yesterday. I got it in 3

crazyH Fri 18-Mar-22 16:52:15

Try ABSURDLE …’s a longer game, if you see what I mean

Skydancer Fri 18-Mar-22 16:55:49

I don't think movie is a real word though others will disagree I'm sure.

sodapop Fri 18-Mar-22 19:10:58

The game is American now though Skydancer

saltnshake Fri 18-Mar-22 19:28:05

Got it in two today and three yesterday. Sometimes four, occasionally run out of tries because of one letter. Like quordle better, more of a challenge.

Kim19 Fri 18-Mar-22 21:59:14

I've only once not managed it since I started. I had to ask someone on here what the word was. Interesting point: is the word revealed any time after midnight, please?

Abitbarmy Fri 18-Mar-22 22:08:49

Kim19, yes it is. I’ve often done it just after midnight when I can’t sleep. Which is often, sadly.

nadateturbe Fri 18-Mar-22 22:26:44

I had difficulty with movie too. I didn't think of it as a word.
I like wordle but I find nerdle a better challenge.

hulahoop Fri 18-Mar-22 22:29:49

I'm not doing too bad usually get it in 3 or 4 think it's luck sometimes ,I find it more difficult if I have a lot of yellows in 1 and2 🤔🤔

Saxifrage Fri 18-Mar-22 22:43:38

I'm in a family group where we all do wordle and quordle most days and post our scores on what’s app. It’s getting very competitive but the trouble is the 14 year old twins are often doing better than any of the adults!