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LAST 3 LETTERS - Series 6

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crazyH Tue 19-Apr-22 17:59:25

Can't have tomatos

Billybob4491 Tue 19-Apr-22 18:25:54

oes - or even snacks.

Bellanonna Tue 19-Apr-22 18:35:11

Cat’s killed sparrow ☹️

crazyH Tue 19-Apr-22 18:51:55

Really open wound

eGJ Tue 19-Apr-22 19:11:48

Undo new dressing

Bellanonna Wed 20-Apr-22 11:27:48

International news grim

Crocus5 Wed 20-Apr-22 12:37:53

Reading interesting magazine

crazyH Wed 20-Apr-22 12:50:27

Incentive, not excuses

eGJ Wed 20-Apr-22 16:40:07

Sounding extremely sexy!

Bellanonna Fri 22-Apr-22 09:42:55

eGJ - eXplain yourself !

Crocus5 Fri 22-Apr-22 11:31:26

Edward looks fit

eGJ Fri 22-Apr-22 20:07:16

Funding idle teenagers

crazyH Fri 22-Apr-22 21:46:54

Energy reserves spent

eGJ Fri 22-Apr-22 21:55:08

Elegant new trousers

crazyH Fri 22-Apr-22 23:23:12

Easy reading session

eGJ Sat 23-Apr-22 13:25:12

Icing cake nervously

crazyH Sat 23-Apr-22 14:50:22

Silky long yarn

Bellanonna Sat 23-Apr-22 17:55:18

A riotous night !

Fernbergien Sat 23-Apr-22 18:00:44

Get happy tonight

crazyH Sat 23-Apr-22 18:16:28

George has tetanus

eGJ Sat 23-Apr-22 19:17:58

No unusual sundaes

crazyH Sat 23-Apr-22 19:27:31

Ankle, excruciating strain

Crocus5 Sat 23-Apr-22 19:36:51

Arm is numb

crazyH Sat 23-Apr-22 19:39:24

Unusually mind boggling

Bellanonna Sat 23-Apr-22 19:51:17

I never gloat

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