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Nerdle v. Wordle ( aka Recruitment Thread 😉)

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FannyCornforth Tue 24-May-22 08:06:08


It seems that Nerdle really is Wordle’s less popular sibling.

That’s the conclusion I and others have come to, using as evidence the threads on here.

When the first Nerdle thread started there were loads of Nerdlers on there; but now we are down to a very select and cosy group of six.
(If you do Nerdle - join us!)

Why do you reckon that it is nowhere near as popular as Wordle?

Any thoughts?
Thank you! smile

Pittcity Tue 24-May-22 08:27:34

I do both as well as Semantle.
I find Nerdle (I hate autocorrect which changes it to Needle) easier.
I spend too much time on these things though and CBA to share my results...sorry xx

FannyCornforth Tue 24-May-22 09:31:53

Ha ha! Well at least you’ve taken the time to answer smile
Thank you Pittcity

FannyCornforth Tue 24-May-22 13:51:38

A hopeful bump!

geekesse Tue 24-May-22 19:40:35

Just tried Nerdle for the first time. It takes me too long, and I need a pencil and paper to juggle possibilities. I can do Wordle, Byrdle and Prayerdle in a few minutes while I drink coffee before work.

muse Tue 24-May-22 19:45:58

Same for me Pittcity. I am sure there is an even bigger wordle than Semantle.

The Wordle thread has grown here due to number of different languages but perhaps some are daunted with a number's challenge. Some days, it takes me a while to find the correct equation which has unknown amount of operations and numbers that will fill the 8 squares.

Perhaps if more tried the 6 squares (MINI NERDLE) ? Here's my result for today:

mini nerdlegame 125 3/6


GoldenLady Sat 25-Jun-22 14:28:21

Never tried Nerdle (never even heard of it) but I do every day.

Blossoming Sat 25-Jun-22 14:41:50

I tried Nerdle, it was fairly easy but numbers don’t interest me as much as words, sorry!

nadateturbe Sat 25-Jun-22 15:03:49

As Blossoming says it depends on which you find interesting. I do both but if I had to choose, I would choose Nerdle.
I find it more of a challenge too.
I love binerdle, but as my brain energy is limited I can't do it as often as I would like to.
Time is a factor. Nerdle usually takes longer than Wordle.
I must look at mini nerdle muse .

nadateturbe Sat 25-Jun-22 15:04:48

I've tried Semantle. Takes too long.

Farmor15 Sat 25-Jun-22 15:47:17

I thought I'd posted but it must have gone missing! I've been doing Nerdle and Binerdle every day for a few weeks but mostly don't bother posting results. However, after Fanny's encouragement, I'll try to post - have put up today's.

Marialin Tue 19-Jul-22 07:46:31

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TillyTrotter Tue 19-Jul-22 07:51:35

The more you do it , the better you get, and the better you get the more you like it 😃
I’ve always liked numbers and do daily Soduko’s too.

bigbear Wed 17-Aug-22 03:53:34

This is a pretty fun game, but requires players to have fast hand skills to choose the right arrow keys and at the right time they touch the arrow icons available on the screen to be considered valid. . If you have ever played Audition, you will get used to the Friday Night Funkin game very quickly.

FannyCornforth Wed 17-Aug-22 05:02:34


Cheesey Wed 17-Aug-22 07:01:09

I enjoy doing both wordle and nerdle every day. I am better at nerdle though and usually solve it by line 3 in a few minutes. Wordle is more of a challenge and I find it frustrating when the answer is a word I would consider slang or didn't realise was a word at all.
Although I usually get it eventually it is often line 5 or even 6 and I would be embarrassed to post those results regularly.
I must admit I check out the threads if a day has been particularly challenging or the result strange, as I am interested to see if others thought so too.
I don't personally see the point of posting results, although I appreciate others do. I do enjoy the comments though.