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FannyCornforth Thu 04-Aug-22 07:24:45

Hello! 👋

By my reckoning, this thread will see us through until we are near to C********!

SachaMac’s question was ‘if you could travel back to any time or place for one day, where / when would it be’?

I’m still mulling it over…

Mollygo Thu 04-Aug-22 07:59:22

I’d like to be there when Shakespeare’s Henry IV part 1 was first performed, to see if he was acclaimed as the author, just to stop the claims that the plays were written by a.n.other.

To get a question just a use on one answer. What would others want to do?

FannyCornforth Thu 04-Aug-22 08:05:59

Interesting answer Molly
(But I don’t understand your penultimate sentence, sorry! blush)

hollysteers Thu 04-Aug-22 08:37:52

I’d like to travel back to Henry VIII’s court when he was married to Anne Boleyn, I’d love to see what she really looked like.

What household aid do you find particular useful? (My long grabber)

Nell8 Thu 04-Aug-22 08:53:32

A lumbar support cushion for use on saggy car seat and armchair.

Do you have a water feature in your garden?

nanna8 Thu 04-Aug-22 10:27:19

A small pond with a brass duck that is supposed to be a water fountain but I haven’t turned it on since Covid so it has probably seized up.

Do you do crosswords? I do the general knowledge ones, husband does the cryptic which I am not very good at.

AGAA4 Thu 04-Aug-22 11:23:52

I do all sorts of crosswords even the maths type ones.

Do you live near your ACs or would you like to?

henetha Thu 04-Aug-22 11:32:03

3 of my adult GC live near me, within about 5/10 miles. I like having them near and see them fairly regularly.
My other granddaughter lives in Ireland.

I've just watered with a watering can. I was so tempted to use the hose (there is no actual ban here yet) but decided I must not.
Which are you using? Are hoses banned yet where you are?

lovebeigecardigans1955 Thu 04-Aug-22 15:55:41

I don't think there's a hose pipe ban here in the east midlands but it wouldn't affect me as I have no choice but to use watering cans.

Have you any plants which don't object to dry conditions? I've found that lavender and sedum do all right but there must be others.

crazyH Thu 04-Aug-22 17:39:31

My Salix is thriving

Right now, I’m waiting for some news (good, I’m hoping and praying), from my son’s hospital appointment. I can’t eat or read or take an afternoon nap. How do you spend anxious hours ?

Mine Thu 04-Aug-22 19:31:28

If I'm very anxious I listen to music especially songs and tunes I remember very kind of soothes my
What did you do today

ginny Thu 04-Aug-22 19:35:35

I’ve had a lovely day. Picked lavender and had lunch with DD1 and then home for an on line drawing class.

Tomorrow I am going to the cinema. When did you last go and what did you watch ?

AGAA4 Thu 04-Aug-22 19:36:25

I had an early morning walk then came home to get on with washing and housework after being away for a few days.

How often do you clean your windows?

AGAA4 Thu 04-Aug-22 19:38:06

Sorry crossed post. Please answer ginny's question.

ginny Thu 04-Aug-22 21:19:14

smile answer yours and you can answer mine.

I never clean my windows but a very nice man comes once a mont to do them.

FannyCornforth Fri 05-Aug-22 07:24:49

I don’t like going to the cinema.
The last time I went was with my Dad and his new girlfriend (they have since married and split up!)
It was Love Actually in 2003
I hated it.

Which film do you really dislike?

hollysteers Fri 05-Aug-22 10:01:08

Anything with Nicole Kidman in it.

If you could change one thing physically about yourself, what would it be?

biglouis Fri 05-Aug-22 16:01:14

I would get rid of my arthritis.

Do you wear makeup regularly?

I cant recall the last time I wore it.

MrsKen33 Fri 05-Aug-22 16:35:24

Only if I’m going out.

What is your favourite word to say something is awful or rubbish. My Son in Law says it’s b——-ks !!!!

FannyCornforth Fri 05-Aug-22 16:58:38

It’s absolutely f***ing shite.
It has a nice rhythm.

What a fab question Ken!
Same again please!Favourite swear words…

Bridgeit Fri 05-Aug-22 20:05:03

Bol - - cks
Are you a ‘Tell all ‘sort of person, or do you hold your ‘cards close to your chest’?

Mollygo Fri 05-Aug-22 21:10:07

I like to keep things close to my chest most of the time. Saves a lot of trouble.

Do you draw your bedroom curtains/blinds at night?

Mine Fri 05-Aug-22 22:39:52

Yes I close all the blinds in my house at night...Dont have curtains on any of my windows

Do you have or would like to have any pets

HowVeryDareYou Fri 05-Aug-22 22:45:12

I've always had cats (over the past 42 years) but I've only got one now, and I adore him. He's about 19.

Where was your favourite holiday?

Mine Fri 05-Aug-22 22:53:26

Of all the lovely places I have visited I would say my favourite was San Francisco....

Did you give your children pocket money when they were young.