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Story, three words at a time

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LadyHonoriaDedlock Thu 27-Oct-22 21:13:10

It was a

fairfraise Thu 27-Oct-22 21:17:21

Massive shock when . . .

Nell8 Thu 27-Oct-22 21:28:52

The door opened

Forsythia Thu 27-Oct-22 21:29:33

And an elephant

Ashcombe Thu 27-Oct-22 21:30:01

very slowly as

Forsythia Thu 27-Oct-22 21:31:12

He had ten

Wyllow3 Thu 27-Oct-22 21:31:33

I stumbled backwards

Wyllow3 Thu 27-Oct-22 21:32:53

Cancel mine

He had 10
followers who advanced

SachaMac Thu 27-Oct-22 21:37:22

Swiftly but quietly

Forsythia Thu 27-Oct-22 21:42:27

Towards the door

Nannagarra Thu 27-Oct-22 21:50:59

there to see

Forsythia Thu 27-Oct-22 21:54:31

The purple painted

LadyHonoriaDedlock Thu 27-Oct-22 22:00:54

flowerpots filled with

fairfraise Thu 27-Oct-22 22:04:08

Elephant's ears and

Wyllow3 Thu 27-Oct-22 22:23:18

the absolutely dreaded

Taylor2016 Thu 27-Oct-22 22:30:59

Elephant trunk hairstyle

henetha Thu 27-Oct-22 23:35:38

With pink streaks

biglouis Thu 27-Oct-22 23:53:34

and purple spots

Mollygo Thu 27-Oct-22 23:56:47

“Oh how astonishing!”0

MiniMoon Fri 28-Oct-22 00:19:37

What a strange

FannyCornforth Fri 28-Oct-22 03:51:34

story this is.

CocoPops Fri 28-Oct-22 04:28:42

said Billy Connolly

Grannmarie Fri 28-Oct-22 06:16:26

laughing to himself.

FannyCornforth Fri 28-Oct-22 07:11:36

Elephant, plus Billy

Mollygo Fri 28-Oct-22 08:25:49

in my dreams

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