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FannyCornforth Sat 12-Nov-22 06:12:09

Welcome to the new thread 😊

Julie Walters is playing the part of me (or Helena Bonham Carter, if I’m having a very good day) and Juliette Greco is playing MrsKen.

Which actress is playing the part of you?

NotAGran55 Sat 12-Nov-22 06:34:43

Thank you for the new thread Fanny.

It would have to be the young Ronnie Wood as I was once told, by a bloke trying to pull me, that I looked like him!
He was mortified when I was horrified because he thought it was a compliment as Ronnie was his idol.
I did have an angular face and sticky-up hair though so slightly similar..

Who would you like to look like?
I’d go for Nigella Lawson. Beautiful, lovely hair and sexy.

Mollygo Sat 12-Nov-22 07:25:33

I’d love to look like Nigella Lawson too. I have been mistaken for Victoria Wood in the past, so her talent and Nigella’s looks please.

Whose talent would you like to have?

MrsKen33 Sat 12-Nov-22 07:36:09

I would love to play the piano, I wouldn’t care who I sounded like

Did you have anyone, father, grandfather who fought in WW2 ?
My father was. Commando .

FannyCornforth Sat 12-Nov-22 09:20:18

Hello everyone!
NotAGran that is so funny! It’s so typically a ‘bloke’ thing! One of my friend’s (very straight) husband is a musician and he worships Pete Townsend.
We always joke that he’d actually sleep with Townsend, and he thinks that he probably would.

I’d like (love) to look like Helena BC.
I used to often be mistaken for Sinead OConnor. Funnily enough, now she has put on weight, we still look very similar.

My maternal granddad was a Royal Engineer and was stationed in Iceland. He had a very ‘good war’.
I don’t know what my paternal grandad did - isn’t that awful. I shall find out today.

What newspapers, magazines do you have?
I have the Times and the evil Daily Mail every day.
I subscribe to the New York Times.
Magazine wise I have Private Eye, The Oldie (recommended by Rufus, late of this parish), and Readers Digest.

biglouis Sat 12-Nov-22 09:27:23

I dont buy newsapers. I just scan the online news sites. I occasionally buy Elle Decoration.

Have you noticed any empty shelves in your local supermarket?

FannyCornforth Sun 13-Nov-22 05:19:16

Not really, no. I still don’t go out shopping much. I usually go to the Co Op, which I’ve noticed is even more expensive than usual.

Where do you get your food from?
I get deliveries from Ocado and Morrisons

NotAGran55 Sun 13-Nov-22 05:37:25

I shop in Waitrose for food and Aldi/Lidl for non-food stuff.

Most of my other shopping comes from John Lewis wherever possible, in store or online. I’m a lifelong fan since the first time I stepped into a branch at the age of 10 to get my school uniform for senior school.

Where do you shop for household, clothes, gifts etc?

FannyCornforth Sun 13-Nov-22 05:44:23

All online.
Amazon for almost everything, especially gifts.
Clothes - SeaSalt and Next, occasionally M&S

What was the last perfume that you bought? Were you impressed?
I’ve recently bought some beautifully packaged samples from Penhaligan’s.
I’m on a constant quest for my ‘signature scent’. It’s not very successful

NotAGran55 Sun 13-Nov-22 05:55:50

Just bought the November blind testing Oud collection from
Escentual and can’t wait for the reveal as there is one that I ❤️ so far.

Do you burn fragranced candles in your home?
I rarely do.

FannyCornforth Sun 13-Nov-22 06:04:24

I used to love the wood wick crackling ones. But my DH has lung disease, so I’ve knocked them on the head

I’m going to join a local sketching club this week. I’m quite nervous about it.
Do you do anything like that?

MrsKen33 Sun 13-Nov-22 06:23:16

U3A , book club and I draw, usually on my own. Used to go to life drawing classes for years when we lived in England but nothing here. Sad to say it is all very amateurish and badly organise. Hope your sketching is much betterFanny and you enjoy it.

Do you have a hobby you are really passionate about?

biglouis Sun 13-Nov-22 14:10:33

Apart from buying and selling antiques I love embroidery and patchwork.

Have you ever had a really longstanding friendship break up?

I did when I moved from my home city to go to university. I see that we had both moved on with out lives and had little in common.

lovebeigecardigans1955 Mon 14-Nov-22 11:29:44

Yes, lives move on and whatever thread we had in common seems to come apart.

Have you ever accidently gone out shopping in your slippers? I have, twice.

ginny Mon 14-Nov-22 12:23:29

No, but I have worn odd shoes.

Stopped on our way out today to buy some nail varnish. Promptly dropped it onthe floor and splashed on my white trainers.
Have you ever dropped any liquid in a public place ?

biglouis Mon 14-Nov-22 15:19:57

Yes! Many years ago I came back from holiday abroad and dropped a bottle of duty free whisky as I got off the train. It splashed everywhere and everything stunk of it.

Have you ever been stopped and had your case searched at customs?

I was once on the way back from Venice via Amerstdam. I dont know what they expected to find but my case was filled with carnival masks as I collect them.

AGAA4 Mon 14-Nov-22 16:53:34

No but I sometimes feel a bit anxious as I go through customs even though all I have in my case is dirty washing.

Do you get up later now it stays dark for longer?

MrsKen33 Mon 14-Nov-22 17:18:35

No, I don’t sleep well and am awake at between 5 and 6. I get a bit fidgety if I stay in bed past 7.

Are you having anyone to stay over Christmas?

FannyCornforth Mon 14-Nov-22 17:50:17

Nooo! Thank heavens!

Have you ever had your posts deleted? I’ve lost count.

MrsKen33 Mon 14-Nov-22 19:00:20

Yes I once posted what my DD called Birkenstocks. Slapped wrist 🤫

Christmas pudding or something else ?

Mollygo Mon 14-Nov-22 21:22:20

Christmas pudding for those who want it-with the traditional blue flame flickering over it as it is brought in. Fruit for the healthy eaters
Personally. I’d rather have a slice of luxury Yule Log-and I don’t mind adding a spoonful of brandy sauce (*posh custard*, my DGC call it).

I never understood the purpose of Brandy Butter. What do you do with it?

ginny Mon 14-Nov-22 21:39:59

You put a dollop on your Christmas Pud or mince pie. We make our own, so different to shop bought.

I bought some proper milk to use in our hotel room. Can’t stand the awful stuff they supply.
What sort of milk do you prefer ?

henetha Mon 14-Nov-22 23:25:00

I still like cow's milk, skimmed. Not keen on soya or almond etc.

Butter or margarine for you?

Mollygo Mon 14-Nov-22 23:31:16

Butter and preferably President unsalted.

Do long life light bulbs really last longer?

crazyH Mon 14-Nov-22 23:36:00

Butter - Lurpak or Country Life.
If you could change any part of your face, what would it be? Me, it would be my nose…i’d love if it was a bit smaller - I only wish I had plastic surgery on it when I was younger.😫

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