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Last 3 letters (game 9)

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Patsy70 Wed 28-Dec-22 20:45:13

You only understand

biglouis Thu 29-Dec-22 01:50:37

Annoying noisy dog

eGJ Thu 29-Dec-22 06:58:28

Delightful overnight guests

Jumblygran Thu 29-Dec-22 08:42:43

Spectacular tennis shot

Crocus5 Thu 29-Dec-22 16:44:08

Habitually on time

Ruby41 Thu 29-Dec-22 16:45:36

I must eat!

biglouis Thu 29-Dec-22 17:24:36

Estimated a time

Patsy70 Thu 29-Dec-22 17:50:27

It may endure

Crocus5 Thu 29-Dec-22 19:21:50

Unique red engine

Bellanonna Thu 29-Dec-22 20:23:31

It’s not easy

Patsy70 Thu 29-Dec-22 21:32:14

Another stupid youth

eGJ Fri 30-Dec-22 00:44:41

Utter truth hesitantly

biglouis Fri 30-Dec-22 10:45:22

Teacher learned yesterday

eGJ Fri 30-Dec-22 21:35:31

Daffodils are yellow

Bellanonna Fri 30-Dec-22 21:37:47

Lilacs often white

biglouis Sat 31-Dec-22 10:20:55

Is too early

eGJ Sat 31-Dec-22 13:46:49

Robe’s lemon yellow

Jumblygran Sat 31-Dec-22 20:06:55

Lucrecia’s often winsome

Welshpurple Sun 01-Jan-23 00:44:41

only me 'ere

eGJ Sun 01-Jan-23 10:48:39

Exceeded reasonable expectations

Crocus5 Sun 01-Jan-23 11:55:10

One never suspected

Bellanonna Sun 01-Jan-23 12:39:41

…though easily detected

biglouis Sun 01-Jan-23 15:15:17

The easterly direction

eGJ Tue 03-Jan-23 16:17:01

Interesting organic nectarines

Jumblygran Tue 03-Jan-23 19:19:14

Never eat spinach

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