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Can You Name 5 More Songs?

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pandapatch Sat 15-Jul-23 16:02:44

Following on from the great Name 5 More thread....

5 songs with rain in the title

GrannyGravy13 Sat 15-Jul-23 16:17:21

Purple Rain
Singing in the Rain
Rain drops are falling on my head
It’s raining in my heart
It’s raining (it’s pouring the old man is snoring)

Calendargirl Sat 15-Jul-23 16:25:39

Rainy days and Mondays
Might as well rain until September
Rhythm of the rain
The rain it raineth every day
Rain, rain go away.

pandapatch Sat 15-Jul-23 17:48:22

Sorry, didn't explain properly.... when you have named your 5 songs you add a new thing. So ....

Purple Rain
Singing in the rain
Have you ever seen the rain?
November Rain
Why does it always rain on me.

5 Songs with days of the week .. so the next person names the songs and adds a new idea (look at the Can you name 5 things thread if still not clear)

Grannmarie Sat 15-Jul-23 18:26:37

Never on a Sunday
I don't like Mondays
Every day is Tuesday
Friday on my mind
Drive in Saturday

Grannmarie Sat 15-Jul-23 18:27:41

Oops forgot, five songs with place names in the titles

SecondhandRose Sat 15-Jul-23 18:29:35

As this has stalled, please name 5 songs which have famous people’s names mentioned either in the title or during the song.

SecondhandRose Sat 15-Jul-23 18:31:09

Bonny Scotland
London’s Calling
China in your Hand
Greece Lightning!

Grannmarie Sat 15-Jul-23 19:44:50

We didn't start the fire ( dozens of names)
Candle in the wind ( Marilyn Monroe)
Move like Jagger
In Dublin's Fair City ( Molly Malone)
Abraham, Martin and John.

Name five songs with colours in titles/ lyrics

SachaMac Sat 15-Jul-23 19:47:36

There’s a Guy Works Down the Chip Shop Swears he’s Elvis
Robert De Niro’s Waiting
Bette Davis Eyes
Cleopatra's Theme

5 Songs with an animal in the title

pandapatch Sat 15-Jul-23 19:49:10

Purple rain
Mellow Yellow
Green Door
99 red balloon
Paint it Black

5 songs with Fruit in the title

SachaMac Sat 15-Jul-23 19:49:50

Sorry overlapped there!!

SachaMac Sat 15-Jul-23 19:55:09

Blackberry Way
Strawberry Fields Forever
Banana Splits Theme tune
Blueberry Hill

5 songs with animals in title

Marmin Sat 15-Jul-23 19:59:15

Black Cat Moan
Crawlin' King Snake
Rat Trap
Hound Dog
Milkcow Calf Blues

5 songs with adverbs in title

Grannmarie Sat 15-Jul-23 20:39:47

Killing me softly
Rock me gently
Blow the wind southerly
(Don't you) love her madly

I'm one short...

Grannmarie Sat 15-Jul-23 20:57:12

Step we gaily ( Mhairi's Wedding)

Five songs with means of transport in the titles

Marmin Sun 16-Jul-23 06:57:31

Brand New Cadillac
Souped Up Ford
Terraplane Blues
Yellow Submarine

5 songs with birds in title

Grannmarie Sun 16-Jul-23 09:02:12

Yellow bird
Funky chicken
My bird of paradise
This little bird
The birdie song

Five songs with weather references.

Ashcombe Sun 16-Jul-23 09:13:27

Bring Me Sunshine
I Can Sing a Rainbow
Stormy Weather
Let It Snow
The Sun Has Got His Hat On

Five songs with time references

LRavenscroft Sun 16-Jul-23 10:37:00

Time in a bottle
Tell me now so I know
Child in Time
24 Hours from Tulsa
Midnight in Moscow

5 Songs with Girls Names in them

Ali08 Sun 16-Jul-23 13:29:28

Hang on, Sloopy
Oh, Carol
Eleanor Rigby
Look at me, I'm Sandra Dee

5 songs with numbers in them.

SachaMac Sun 16-Jul-23 13:48:00

Three Little Birds
Sixteen Tons
Twelve Days of Christmas
One Night with You
Two Tribes Go to War

Five songs with Love in the title

baubles Sun 16-Jul-23 14:06:09

How deep is your love
When a man loves a woman
Love me tender
All you need is love
Is this love

5 songs with food in the title

pandapatch Sun 16-Jul-23 14:19:45

Honey Pie
My Boy Lollipop
Little Green Apples
Raspberry Beret
American Pie

5 songs with a sport in the title

Grannmarie Sun 16-Jul-23 15:11:17

Keep on running
Football crazy
Surfing USA
Night swimming

Five songs with animals in the titles