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Famous Women (Oct 23)

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Ali08 Tue 31-Oct-23 11:36:34

Going Alphabetically By The SURNAME....

Amy Adams

GrannyGravy13 Tue 31-Oct-23 11:42:47

Betty Boothroyd

keepcalmandcavachon Tue 31-Oct-23 11:49:10

Julia Childs

Glorianny Tue 31-Oct-23 11:52:34

Emily Wilding Davison (birthday Oct 11th)

LucyAnna Tue 31-Oct-23 13:24:16

Amelia Earhart

NotSpaghetti Tue 31-Oct-23 13:44:56

Elizabeth Fry

coco12 Tue 31-Oct-23 17:17:19

Germane Greer

NotSpaghetti Tue 31-Oct-23 19:15:12

Mata Hari

crazyH Tue 31-Oct-23 19:54:19

Norah Batty

Jumblygran Tue 31-Oct-23 20:03:10

Celia Imrie

Georgesgran Tue 31-Oct-23 22:34:50

Amy Johnson

Oreo Tue 31-Oct-23 22:52:42

Diana Princess Of Wales

Oreo Tue 31-Oct-23 22:53:48

Elizabeth R our late Queen

Oreo Tue 31-Oct-23 22:54:54

Fergie! Sarah ( got a bit of a royal theme going here)

Georgesgran Tue 31-Oct-23 23:15:54

I think the alphabetic thing has got a bit lost?
Trying to get it back, so
Here goes with

Kardashians (famous or infamous?)

henetha Tue 31-Oct-23 23:22:47

Angela Lansbury

Ali08 Wed 01-Nov-23 03:25:26

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Ali08 Wed 01-Nov-23 03:28:29

Thanks, Georgesgran

Marilyn MONROE

NotSpaghetti Wed 01-Nov-23 05:17:12

Florence Nightingale

Georgesgran Wed 01-Nov-23 08:52:09

Jackie Kennedy-Onassis.

Jumblygran Wed 01-Nov-23 09:04:06

Rosa Parks

vampirequeen Wed 01-Nov-23 09:26:39

Suzi Quatro

NotSpaghetti Wed 01-Nov-23 10:17:31

Eleanor Roosevelt

Glorianny Wed 01-Nov-23 14:34:57

Ethel Smyth composer of "March of the women" and much more

Georgesgran Wed 01-Nov-23 16:02:03

Margaret Thatcher