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Replace One Word In A Movie

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Ali08 Wed 01-Nov-23 04:36:48

With A Food Or Drink

Every Which Way But Toast

RosiesMaw Wed 01-Nov-23 05:56:33


Nice to see this revived- I remember starting a thread on this called “Spoil a Film Title With One Word “back in 2021 I think.
My offering then was
”Gone With the Trapped Wind”
No doubt there will have been lots of new titles in the intervening 2 1/2 years.

RosiesMaw Wed 01-Nov-23 05:56:59

Well it was sort of food related!

Ashcombe Wed 01-Nov-23 06:09:57

The Silence of the Hams.

Juliet27 Wed 01-Nov-23 06:19:29

Bean Hur
Spice Odyssey

Oopsadaisy1 Wed 01-Nov-23 07:48:44

Last mango in Paris

GrandmaSeaDragon Wed 01-Nov-23 07:53:34

The Grapefruit Escaper

Oopsadaisy1 Wed 01-Nov-23 08:00:14

Sex, pies and Videotape

Steaks on a plane

The Codfather

vampirequeen Wed 01-Nov-23 09:20:34

The Bread Rolls of Madison County.

Top Bun

Alice in Bunderland

The Mango of King George

Gone with the Wine

MiniMoon Wed 01-Nov-23 09:43:50

Little sorbet of horrors.
Rosemary's bon bons
The good, the bad and the yogurt.

Ali08 Thu 02-Nov-23 11:10:26

I got it from somewhere at the end of the list of games, so maybe it was yours!
I've hidden all the limericks from mine as I'm useless at those and there were just so many!! x

Georgesgran Thu 02-Nov-23 11:12:25


henetha Thu 02-Nov-23 11:13:27

Minging in the rain

Ali08 Thu 02-Nov-23 11:16:27

Kelly's Herrings

Charlie & The Great Grape Elevator

The Great Grape Robbery

Mary Poppets

henetha Thu 02-Nov-23 11:17:52

Charlie and the Horlicks factory

Oregano Thu 02-Nov-23 11:24:14


Ashcombe Thu 02-Nov-23 11:28:28

The Sandwiches of Eastwick

Ashcombe Thu 02-Nov-23 11:28:51

The Wizard of Offal

henetha Thu 02-Nov-23 11:30:46

Fishing Impossible

Scribbles Thu 02-Nov-23 11:49:11

The Longest Doughnut

Four Weddings and a Filo Pastry

mrswoo Thu 02-Nov-23 14:24:17

Dr Zucchini
Rock Bun Horror Show

lil57 Thu 02-Nov-23 14:45:43

Reach for the Pie

Ailidh Thu 02-Nov-23 14:49:34

The devil wears pasta.

Bella23 Thu 02-Nov-23 14:50:38

I'm gona booze around the clock tonight.

keepcalmandcavachon Thu 02-Nov-23 15:48:52

The Sound of Mackerel