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SeaWoozle Tue 20-Feb-24 10:27:55

Someone asks a question and you have to give the wrong answer. It can be witty, sensible, pedantic, whatever you choose. Be kind!!

I'll start....

Why does an elephant have a trunk?

nanna8 Tue 20-Feb-24 10:34:31

It likes to go on holidays from time to time

Why does a cat purr?

Grandyma Tue 20-Feb-24 10:39:37

Because it can’t sing

How many peas in a pod?

Jane71 Tue 20-Feb-24 12:37:06

Peas don't stay in pods, they prefer tents.

Why does my zip always jam?

Ali08 Wed 21-Feb-24 04:54:37

Because it doesn't like to rock n roll.

Why does my hair grow so fast?

JamesandJon33 Wed 21-Feb-24 08:40:26

Probably prefers marmalade.

What do birds do in the rain ?

henetha Wed 21-Feb-24 10:18:36

Carry umbrellas, of course!

Why do frogs hop around?

Astitchintime Wed 21-Feb-24 10:25:31

Because they can't ride bicycles.

Why is the postman always late when you're waiting for a letter?

henetha Wed 21-Feb-24 10:34:58

Because he's vindictive

Why do geese honk when they fly?

Grandyma Wed 21-Feb-24 11:17:18

Because they can.

Why is sugar sweet

Squiffy Wed 21-Feb-24 18:26:36

Because it’s not a lemon

Why can’t you hear a tree bark?

Gwyllt Wed 21-Feb-24 23:31:20

Because you haven’t got your hearing aid switched on

Why can you never find your car keys when you are late

SeaWoozle Wed 21-Feb-24 23:41:35

Because you've only got a bicycle!

Why do they speak German in Germany?

JamesandJon33 Thu 22-Feb-24 05:41:32

It’s just a habit.

Which side of the bread do you butter ?

nanna8 Thu 22-Feb-24 05:46:31

The right side

Why do people live in houses ?

65KL Thu 22-Feb-24 06:35:14

Because the cat needs a house keeper.

Where do the second matching socks go ?

crazyH Thu 22-Feb-24 17:37:42

On your second foot

Why does grated coconut get stuck in your teeth ?

henetha Thu 22-Feb-24 23:27:05

Because it's nuts

Where do flies go in winter?

biglouis Fri 23-Feb-24 01:05:19

They go ski-ing in Les Trois Vallées

Why do you never see an oligarch on a bike?

SeaWoozle Fri 23-Feb-24 01:25:11

Because it got stolen

Why did the Romans build such straight roads?

Gwyllt Fri 23-Feb-24 07:29:36

So they don’t have to go round the bent

Why does is always rain when you hang washing up outside and you go out

Gwyllt Fri 23-Feb-24 07:30:00

Should be bend not bent

SeaWoozle Fri 23-Feb-24 10:41:52

Because if there was lightning it would all catch fire.

SeaWoozle Fri 23-Feb-24 10:42:28

Why do snails have shells?

biglouis Fri 23-Feb-24 11:01:58

Because they are envious of tortoises.

Why do elephants never forget?