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Ivy topiary

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MellowYellow Sat 11-Jul-20 07:53:11

I saw this idea outside Wetherspoons near Trafalgar Square two years ago. I have a patio with a very high wall and copious ivy, so I've been training my ivy since then, rather than let it cover my wall entirely. It's trained along strings of old garden lights which were here when I moved in. I just think of it as fun but recently have seen similar in a topiary book, which makes it seem serious! Anyway, thought you may like to see it.

Nortsat Sat 11-Jul-20 08:02:24

It’s really pretty.
Lovely ...🍃🍃

Auntieflo Sat 11-Jul-20 08:07:04

That looks lovely

J52 Sat 11-Jul-20 08:25:52

Lovely idea. There’s an old high wall near us and they’ve trained theirs into a heart.

MellowYellow Sat 11-Jul-20 08:27:39

Ooh, a heart... that's a lovely idea, will have a go.

Bikerhiker Sat 11-Jul-20 11:41:37

What a good idea. Off out into the garden. You have started me off now. The ironing can wait.....

heath480 Sat 11-Jul-20 12:54:40

That looks lovely,I have some old garden lights.Going to try that.

My Ivy is a bit of a pain,the way it grows so fast,I use the leaves to make clothes washing liquid,so I don’t want to get rid of it.

MellowYellow Sun 12-Jul-20 20:56:58

I had to look twice at your post heath about washing with ivy, plus check that it wasn't April 1st ha ha. Fascinating, lots of info online about washing with ivy leaves, am going to stuff a sock with them and see how well it works. Thank you! Love that new info like that can pop up unexpectedly.

BlueBelle Sun 12-Jul-20 21:22:09

I absolutely hate ivy it gets everywhere it shouldn’t, and grows so rapidly, it makes horrible marks on my brick walls and is So stubborn Not disrespecting your lovely work though mellowyellow
Now going to look up this washing business it’s got to have some uses isn’t it poison? Or is that just one particular type of ivy ?