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handweeding when unable to get up and down safely

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Fennel Mon 01-Mar-21 16:57:54

Hope you can understand wink
It's a very small back garden, some grass with a border containing a few pretty perennials which needs tidying up .
We can't find a gardener to do this.
If I kneel, which I used to do, I can't get up again.
How do others cope?
Is there a gadget that helps?

NellG Mon 01-Mar-21 17:04:16

A good old fashioned hoe? Also have you tried a kneeler with handles? It's like an upturned bench, you can lever yourself up with your arms. Makes it easier to get back up.

Nannarose Mon 01-Mar-21 17:04:40

Yes, I use one like this:

I'm not saying this one is the best, just illustrating. We also take it camping, and turn it upside down to use as a table!

It is still awkward as you have to move it along. DH made me a raised bed for growing our salads and some veg, which I love. I would also keep looking for a gardener. But this will help a bit, I hope.

J52 Mon 01-Mar-21 17:05:42

I have a gardening stool, which can be a seat one way or a padded kneeler upside down. It was from M&S, a Christmas present from my son about 10years ago. (A bit cheeky I thought then)
Glad I hung on to it!
I’m sure there’s something similar on the market .

J52 Mon 01-Mar-21 17:06:25

Snap ! 😁

Jaxjacky Mon 01-Mar-21 17:06:42

You can get something like this, check reviews for stability.

Jaxjacky Mon 01-Mar-21 17:07:37

Nannarose crossed post!

Sarnia Mon 01-Mar-21 17:07:51

I believe there are long handles tools for gardeners unable to kneel also seats which would enable you to bend and tend to your plants. A friend of mine couldn't kneel after a knee replacement and she bought wooden raised beds for her herbs and plants. They are rather expensive but it meant she could still enjoy gardening from either a sitting or standing position. I am sure there will be more suggestions for you soon.

Redhead56 Mon 01-Mar-21 17:10:26

There is a gadget it's like a claw and you twist it around to get weeds up. Fiskars exact weed puller Amazon shop around there are different ones with different prices.

midgey Mon 01-Mar-21 17:11:42

There is an amazing hoe. The business end is shaped like an arrow and is sharp. It has a much smaller head than most hoes so I think it might help you. I have searched for a link to show you what I mean but failed, it was on offer in B and Q today but is not on their website!

Nell8 Mon 01-Mar-21 17:19:59

Hello, Fennel Yes, I'm another fan of the garden kneeler. I also use a long handled tool with interchangeable heads e.g. rake, fork, hoe etc.
This year I might experiment with the long handled grabber I used after my hip replacement op. It could be handy for picking up weeds after I've dislodged them with the fork! Anything for an easier life.

winterwhite Mon 01-Mar-21 17:25:22

I can't kneel on any account after two ops on same knee. Fortunately I can bend down to my feet (the sight can't be one for sore eyes 😂) but worry about toppling over forwards 🤣🤣 if I stretch forward or do more than pick up a leaf or two.
Have just bought online a 'long-handled fork for weeding', to be used standing up and intended mainly for people with back problems,. A bit like a hoe with prongs I suppose. Should tackle small annual weeds and plants that seed themselves in the wrong place. We do have a gardener to help with anything tougher, or I zap it,

nadateturbe Mon 01-Mar-21 17:26:14

Garden kneeler here too.

Hetty58 Mon 01-Mar-21 17:30:37

I put the garden fork in next to me - as I know I'll find it difficult to get up from my kneeler pad!

shysal Mon 01-Mar-21 17:37:34

I have a kneeler which I find uncomfortable, but do most of my weeding with a stirrup hoe which does a good job.
stirrup hoe

silverlining48 Mon 01-Mar-21 17:39:58

Have always rather enjoyed weeding but did some the other day and struggled to get up. I have the kneeler stool I bought my dear mum years ago. Suddenly I have become the old lady who struggles to kneel, and get up. It’s a bit much to take in.

Greyduster Mon 01-Mar-21 17:45:18

I have the kneeler pictured above. It’s strong, stable, comfortable and the handles are invaluable for helping you get off your knees. You can also turn it the other way up and sit on it.

3dognight Mon 01-Mar-21 17:55:45

Just search 'Long Handled Cultivator' on the Internet.
It is like a three pronged claw on the end of a broom handle.
My husband found one in a skip, brought it home, it is the most useful thing for getting all sorts of hard to reach weeds.
Just this week I have been scratching out nettle roots and couch grass from the raspberry beds.

Blossoming Mon 01-Mar-21 18:02:41

I cannot kneel. Mr. B bought me a wheeled garden seat that I can scoot along on, with a tray underneath to hold tools.

Fennel Mon 01-Mar-21 20:09:24

I can't start to thank you all for the ideas.
There are obviously ways around my problem.

Marydoll Mon 01-Mar-21 20:51:04

I just used one of those garden kneelers today. I can't bend and sat on it to clear the rockery. If I need to kneel down, I just turn it upside down and use the handles to get back up, otherwise I would be stuck.

Callistemon Mon 01-Mar-21 23:31:17

I have a garden stool which I bought in Lidl years ago but in fact I preferred using my very old hoe, although I did find DH using it to scrape moss and weeds from between brick pavers and he could have wrecked it. hmm

Callistemon Mon 01-Mar-21 23:34:55

You can also buy a long handled small fork, useful if you need to dig a deeper rooted weed out.

Fennel Tue 02-Mar-21 17:44:08

Right - now motivated to get out there tomorow, secateurs in hand.
As long as it's not raining.
Starting on the roses first.
And looking online at these gadgets, but I have a lightweight stool which I will try first.

Grandma11 Tue 02-Mar-21 18:21:22

Try a long handled ‘Helping Hand’ grabber, available from most Disability shops. They have a choice of Grab end types and Lengths, and some are long enough to use whilst seated on a chair or a stool. I use my outdoor one for pulling up bits of weeds that grow around the edge of our block paving, mines one of the original Helping Hand branded type, with the trigger handle and the fine rubber grip end, it also has a rather handy plastic stud sticking up above the gripper that’s handy for poking things out of gaps, or scraping things off the ground.
I’m fairly tall, so l have the full 1metre long version, a bargain at around £20, and no added VAT if you have a disability like you describe.