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Can anyone identify this please?

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JulieNoted Fri 07-May-21 09:35:10

This huge thing appeared earlier this spring, and we have no idea what it is - we certainly didn’t plant it. However, it is near the bird table, so it’s very probably from a dropped seed!

Any ideas anyone? Should we remove it before it takes over the garden? 😳

EllanVannin Fri 07-May-21 09:46:10

I'd be inclined to leave it and see what happens. It's possible that it has grown from bird seed if it wasn't there before.
You might get a flower on it, wait and see, you can always pull it up if it's just all leaves and takes over.

EllanVannin Fri 07-May-21 09:48:46

I threw some of D's parrot seeds in her back garden a few years ago and come October had a huge gourd which GS made a lantern of, but they were much bigger leaves---like umbrellas grin

JulieNoted Fri 07-May-21 09:55:13

Oh yes, we're both intrigued and interested to see what happens, so we've not really any plans to remove it just yet. But golly, I don't want leaves the size of your gourd plant EllanVannin, haha! We really haven't got room in our little garden for something like that!

If it eventually turns into something with exotic flowers, I shall report back!

muse Fri 07-May-21 10:01:43

It's almost foxglove shaped leaves but they have a serrated edge. I used to grow verbascums and it could be that. Lovely flowers.

Callistemon Fri 07-May-21 10:09:50

Could it be Centaurea Montana, a perennial cornflower?

If it develops purple flowers then it might well be.
I'm not sure if it's a weed or not but I have a self-setter in a most inhospitable bit of ground an it is very pretty.

CafeAuLait Fri 07-May-21 10:14:45

There are some apps you can download. You take a photo of a plant and it will tell you what it is. Maybe you can try that?

Fleur20 Fri 07-May-21 11:01:18

It looks like a mullien of some sort.. probably blown or flown in!!
I would wait and see.. if you dont like it when it flowers remove before it sets seed..
Some are quite tall and spectacular!

25Avalon Fri 07-May-21 11:12:26

It could be Giant Mullein which is a wild flower (weed) in theVerbascum family.

Ro60 Fri 07-May-21 11:24:39

Or evening primrose?

JulieNoted Fri 07-May-21 11:56:23

Thanks for all your suggestions. I don't think it's Centaura Montana - the leaves are too broad. And I know what you mean about it being like a foxglove, muse, but again, much bigger than any foxglove I've ever seen! We have evening primroses in our garden, Ro60, and the leaves are very much smaller than this monster!

I think Fleur and Avalon have got it right - it's definitely looking like a Mullein, probably the Great Mullein.

CafeAuLait I just put it on Plant Snap on my phone and it came up with Verbascum Thapsus, which is the proper name for Great Mullein, so there we have it! (I forgot I had that app - I stopped using it because it so often gives random results!)

JulieNoted Sat 19-Jun-21 12:54:46

I let this thing have its way, and by golly has it grown! It’s now approaching 5k’ tall and just coming into slower. We will have to be extremely careful not to let it set seed, or else we will be over run with them next year shock

mokryna Sat 19-Jun-21 13:43:13

It’s always the way, we nurture a plant, feed and water with care but a weed (plant in the wrong place) grows so fast and strong.

MiniMoon Sat 19-Jun-21 13:47:19

Commonly called Aaron's rod. I don't know it's proper name. They do grow very tall.

JulieNoted Sat 19-Jun-21 13:52:17


Commonly called Aaron's rod. I don't know it's proper name. They do grow very tall.

It’s verbascum thapsus, or Great Mullein. Quite a striking plant but I certainly don’t want it taking up permanent residence! hmm

Kali2 Sat 19-Jun-21 13:54:18

Yes, beat me to it JulieNoted.

sharon103 Sat 19-Jun-21 13:57:32

Mullein weed?
Have a look on Google images.

JulieNoted Sat 19-Jun-21 16:26:13

Haha just noticed that I said it was now 5k’ tall. Er no, it’s 5’ not 5000’ 🤣🤣🤣

JulieNoted Sat 19-Jun-21 16:27:41


Mullein weed?
Have a look on Google images.

Yes, if you read above, you will see that it has already been identified as Great Mullein.