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When to harvest Cavello Nero

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Atqui Fri 30-Jul-21 18:05:22

We have some growing. When is the best time to start picking it?

3dognight Fri 30-Jul-21 18:12:17

I always used to harvest mine as a winter crop. It always went in as young plants after the first early potatoes came out, (in their bed, in late July) so it would not have been ready till later in the year.

I’m envious- it will be delicious, and keep on supplying you for ages.

I’ve grown kalettes this year - a cross between kale and sprouts, but not ready yet,

Jaxjacky Fri 30-Jul-21 19:00:24

We have some, start cropping when it has decent sized leaves, not yet for ours, it will go on and on, enjoy!

Whitewavemark2 Fri 30-Jul-21 20:24:43

I’ve only just planted mine out so hopefully I shall start picking in autumn

Atqui Mon 02-Aug-21 19:46:09

Thanks for comments.I picked some yesterday and it was delicious.

Redhead56 Mon 02-Aug-21 19:52:35

I started picking mine over a week ago and I am glad I did they are being eaten by pigeons.