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Repairs to greenhouse

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Whiff Sat 27-Nov-21 17:10:04

How do you stop polycarbonatete panels from blowing out of a greenhouse. Most of mine blew out last night due to Arwen.

There were a lot of clips attaching the panels. Is there something I can use so it doesn't happen again. That can be a permanent fix.

Oopsadaisy1 Sun 28-Nov-21 07:17:25

You could try silicone? Might be best to Google the problem and see what others have done to try to stop the problem.
At least it wasn’t glass!

Whiff Sun 28-Nov-21 10:34:20

Thank you I will try your suggestions.

Elegran Sun 28-Nov-21 11:26:40

Maybe if you left somewhere for the wind to escape, it woudn't push out the panels? My greenhouse door and window panes (glass) used to blow out in the wind every winter, until I left a roof light open all the time. That does mean that you can't leave anything too tender in there, but it would have suffered anyway with panes missing.

I also found that those W clips that hold the panes in got weaker as they aged, and it helped a bit to replace them from time to time.

Whiff Sun 28-Nov-21 14:05:13

Thank you . Only had the greenhouse this year my first ever one. Had strawberry plants in over wintering which need to go back in.

Google it using 6' bamboo canes to brace the outside and glazing tape on the inside. Will have to see if that works. Won't be pretty but it's function I want.

JaneJudge Sun 28-Nov-21 14:06:17

Is it somewhere unsheltered? I wondered if you could plant a bush or something to give it more shelter from the wind.

Whiff Sun 28-Nov-21 20:49:05

My greenhouse back is against the back of my garage and the one side is beside my neighbours garage. The front if 3' from a 6' wooden fence and the other side is open. I put it in the most sheltered part of my garden but it still got a lot of sun. One day it was 38°C in there during the summer.

JaneJudge Sun 28-Nov-21 20:53:43

gosh that is very hot Whiff!

Esspee Mon 29-Nov-21 03:35:33

My polycarbonate greenhouse is at least 25 years old. A number of panels blew out the first year and I complained to the manufacturer who sent us a load of panels and bars. My husband added extra vertical bars down the middle of each panel and his repair is still going strong.

Whiff Mon 29-Nov-21 08:10:32

Esspee I will get in touch with the manufacturer. Thank you.

Hetty58 Mon 29-Nov-21 08:19:57

I lost a few glass panels from mine - then I used to cover the exposed side with a strong tarpaulin if gales were predicted. I'd tie it to the frame and it stopped the wind lifting any more.

Whiff Mon 29-Nov-21 20:50:12

Hetty brilliant idea . Thank you.

Keeleklogger Sat 04-Dec-21 12:18:07

Put some clear silicon on the clips. I did that some years ago and I haven’t had any blown out since then

welshchrissy Sat 04-Dec-21 12:34:42

I had the same problem so put a net over the greenhouse . Just the cheap garden netting. The idea was it would catch the panels so I wouldn’t have to visit the neighbours to ask for bits of my greenhouse back. I don’t know whether it disperses the wind or something but not a single panel has come out in the 5 years we have used the netting. It seems like more than a coincidence and was so easy to do.

Elegran Sat 04-Dec-21 15:33:34

Whiff I think the 6 ft fence may be causing a whirling updraught that sucks the panels out of the greenhouse . If you could add some gaps in it to let the wind through (slats with quarter-inch spaces between them?), it might help.

Whiff Sun 05-Dec-21 07:48:23

Elegran it's not my fence it belongs to my neighbour the back of me. I have decided not to put the panels and door back on until the spring.

We had gale force winds again yesterday. And if I had put them back on they would have been out again.

Keeleklogger will do that went I put the panels back in.

welshchrissy what a good idea will be doing that as well.

Putting the plants I want to keep in a lower well protected make shift cold frame over winter. Easy to replace if they die.

Thank you all for your replies. Weather is forecast bad here again all week.

Elegran Sun 05-Dec-21 09:23:55

Whiff Leaving somewhere for the wind to get out of the greenhouse is a good idea. If it gets in somehow and can't get out it pushes hard against the panes, and the weak point gives - usually the little clips that fasten the panes from the outside. Also, it may be getting funnelled into the space where the greenhouse stands by the structures around it and the wind direction.