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Kunquat tree

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glammagran Mon 18-Apr-22 14:53:21

My SiL’s parents gave me a small kumquat tree for Christmas. It was very healthy looking and by mid February the green fruit had all turned orange. Then all the fruit dropped off followed by all the leaves and I think it must be dead now as nothing has grown on the bare branches. I did manage to make 2 small jars of marmalade which was really successful and gave a jar to the couple. I kept it on my kitchen windowsill and gave it citrus food. Has anyone on GN ever grown one?

mulberry7 Wed 18-May-22 16:08:41

I'm growing one right now, a rescue plant from a Dublin forum. It had flowers when it arrived in late summer then little green kumquats, which are big and yellow now; however, still carrying the fruit, it has dropped a few leaves, so I'm looking for advice too. All I can offer is heartfelt sympathy at the moment.

MiniMoon Wed 18-May-22 16:57:02

Citrus trees are difficult to grow in our northern climate. We have a lemon tree and an orange tree in our little conservatory. Both have been infested by whitefly and greenfly. The orange tree is fine but the lemon tree has dropped some of its leaves and appears stressed.
DH says it's his fault as he's overwatered it, and turned off the heater too soon and it got cold. He feeds them with Citrus food too. I hope he can rescue it, as the lemons it bears are so much better than shop bought lemons.

Getting the temperature and watering right seems to be the key. I'd wait for another few weeks and see if any new growth appears on your kumquat. I do hope it isn't dead.

glammagran Wed 18-May-22 18:38:51

Some weeks further on there are no signs of life. When I received it at Christmas I placed it on the kitchen windowsill and watered it about every 5 days. The marmalade was so good I think I may try another one. Best bit was only having to cut the fruit up. Our conservatory is way too cold in the winter. DD1 grows small orange and lemon trees and they are very successful but she does have a sunroof with special glass and underfloor heating.