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Artificial Grass Deodoriser

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Mazgg Sun 08-May-22 12:11:57

I have used the brands sold for this purpose but the result doesn't last long and it is quite expensive. Has anyone used a disinfectant (e.g.zoflora) for this? Although I walk my dogs frequently they are in and out of the garden all day. I have had it power washed in the past but that didn't last long either.

kittylester Sun 08-May-22 12:19:15

I cannot believe that this a thing!

Mazgg Sun 08-May-22 12:44:58

From the number of different brands sold and reviews it seems to be quiet a common problem

Germanshepherdsmum Sun 08-May-22 13:44:35

I can’t imagine having artificial grass with a dog. The results must be pretty disgusting. And doesn’t it get hot for their paws?

Davida1968 Sun 08-May-22 13:53:45

I have to admit that (other than for some sporting venues), I hate to see artificial grass. IMO it's awful, for a variety of reasons. And I can scarcely believe this post about deodorising.... the ruddy stuff!

OakDryad Sun 08-May-22 14:06:42

A common ingredient in disinfectants, including Zoflora, is benzalkonium chloride (BAC). Exposure most commonly occurs when the product is applied to a surface and the pet walks across the surface before it is dry. Grooming and licking the feet results in oral exposure. I would worry about an application of disinfectant seeping into the pile of artifical grass and not drying.

Benzalkonium chloride poisoning of domestic pets has been recognised as a result of direct contact with surfaces cleaned with disinfectants using benzalkonium chloride as an active ingredient.

tanith Sun 08-May-22 14:08:35

I’m amazed this is a ‘thing’ whatever next. You only need to mow real grass so much better for the wildlife why make life harder.

MissAdventure Sun 08-May-22 14:09:56

I expect you could make your own, and it would work out cheaper. smile
Just need to find out how.

Germanshepherdsmum Sun 08-May-22 14:10:23

Get rid of it and have proper grass.

MissAdventure Sun 08-May-22 14:15:50

Not everyone is well enough to now grass, or able to pay a gardener.

MissAdventure Sun 08-May-22 14:17:51

Now = mow.
Just for the pedants.

Witzend Sun 08-May-22 14:42:38

Wouldn’t a good watering with a sprinkler wash it through? That is, unless there’s a really good downpour to do it first.,

Honeysuckleberries Sun 08-May-22 14:52:18

All the smug and superior feeling posters on here with their real grass really make me cross. I have a patch of artificial grass because it was that or the concrete drive it’s placed on. It’s an enclosed area for me and my house cats to sit out in the sunshine.
My little courtyard garden is paved. I would have preferred real grass but I’m disabled and can’t mow it. That would either have made extra work for my already hard working son or I would have had to pay a gardener money I don’t have.
Please think of how others have to live before you sneer at others. We don’t all have the money or physical health or living partners to have the real thing.

Baggs Sun 08-May-22 15:21:35

I sympathise with the notion of not being able to mow and so forth but how did people manage before there was artificial grass?

Letting the garden go wild would probably be much more environmentally beneficial and one wouldn't have to worry about dog wee odours. The soil would deal with them.

I know a lot of people think wild is untidy. Well, yes. That's what wild is, as well as fabulous and SO much better all round.

Baggs Sun 08-May-22 15:22:12

Delete "probably" and insert definitely.

Germanshepherdsmum Sun 08-May-22 15:31:42

My comments about artificial grass were directed at the OP who says she walks her dogs frequently and therefore is not disabled.

MissAdventure Sun 08-May-22 15:34:22

Not necessarily.
There are fors and againsts for real and artificial lawns.
Some can be recycled now, too. smile

MissAdventure Sun 08-May-22 15:44:22

Vinegar and water is recommended as a safe deodoriser, Mazgg

Callistemon21 Sun 08-May-22 15:59:04


Not everyone is well enough to now grass, or able to pay a gardener.

Gravel, then or paving slabs.

What about putting it in the washing machine, size dependent of course.

This is a most ridiculous OP

FarNorth Sun 08-May-22 16:02:52


I cannot believe that this a thing!

Me neither

MissAdventure Sun 08-May-22 16:16:29

There are plenty of deoderisers on sale, so presumably it is a "thing".

Germanshepherdsmum Sun 08-May-22 16:20:12

You certainly learn something new every day here.

Mazgg Sun 08-May-22 22:30:32

I don't often post on here and will certainly think twice before doing so again. I am 80 years old and trying to remain independent. For the record, walking two elderly dogs is very different to mowing a lawn. The posters who have scorned should be in possession of the full facts before making their sanctimonious comments. To those who have made helpful contributions I thank you.

Callistemon21 Sun 08-May-22 22:33:39

Sorry, but plastic grass is an absolute no-no as far as I'm concerned.
I think it should be banned.

That is, of course, just an opinion.

MissAdventure Sun 08-May-22 22:39:55