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lixy Sun 22-May-22 18:22:52

Coverage has started. Apparently lily-of-the-valley is the Queen's favourite flower, so there's a display of them.
I wonder what other trends there will be this year.

Casdon Sun 22-May-22 18:37:23

If it is anything like the Malvern Spring Show, this will be very popular. It’s a newish geum, called ‘totally tangerine’, and it was in every show garden. I noticed how many there were because I’ve got one in my garden (which started flowering in January for some reason).

GrannyGravy13 Sun 22-May-22 18:39:05

I loved the butterfly garden

GrannyGravy13 Sun 22-May-22 19:20:35

Oops it wasn’t a butterfly garden it was a bee garden, no idea where my brain is today, sorry.

merlotgran Sun 22-May-22 20:29:57

I love geums. Hoping to introduce them to my new garden.

I also liked Joe’s Bee Garden. Really looking forward to looking at all the show gardens in more detail.

I do wish Carol Klein would ditch the yellowy green suit that she always wears. The weird pattern sets off my trypophobia. 😂

lixy Sun 22-May-22 21:43:30

I thought the bee garden was great; lots of inspiration to attract pollinators.
The irises were amazing - so many shades of different colours.
Roll on tomorrow!

BigBertha1 Sun 22-May-22 22:06:16

The irises were lovely. I have always loved the purple ones but the amber ones were so interesting. The paintings or irises were wonderful..pricey I expect.

Abitbarmy Sun 22-May-22 22:12:44

Time to do the ‘Chelsea Chop’ then, I better get the shears out. I started with one ‘Totally Tangering’ a few years ago, I must have about ten now as I’ve split it up several times. A great do-er.

vegansrock Mon 23-May-22 02:13:23

I’m going to Chelsea later this week! So looking forward to it. Rain forecast for today, but should be dry and not too hot later in the week. Fingers crossed!

J52 Mon 23-May-22 09:10:35

Enjoy Chelsea, Vegansrock. I last went just before Lockdown, I didn’t fancy the Autumn version.
Don’t forget to wear comfy shoes! This year it’s Hampton Court for me, I do a rotation, Tatton Park last year.
I love the flower marquees, the fragrance is devine.

lixy Mon 23-May-22 09:18:28

Ooo Vegansrock have a great time. Hope the weather holds for you. looking forward to hearing an 'insiders's' view.

merlotgran Mon 23-May-22 09:18:47

I don’t have the energy for Chelsea these days. My last visit was twenty years ago!

I did buy two tickets about ten years ago but DH was ill so a friend of mine sold them for me on the day. I made £80 profit! 😮😮

Aveline Mon 23-May-22 09:19:50

I loved that William Morris garden. I'm not a garden but I love visiting them.

annodomini Mon 23-May-22 10:14:02

I share the Queen's love of Lily of the Valley. I wanted some in my bridal bouquet, but they don't grow them in Kenya so I had some artificial ones among my golden roses.
I've always wanted to go to the Chelsea Flower show, but sadly don't think I'd have the stamina nowadays. How to people with hay fever cope going round the exhibits?

Witzend Mon 23-May-22 10:27:38


I’m going to Chelsea later this week! So looking forward to it. Rain forecast for today, but should be dry and not too hot later in the week. Fingers crossed!

🤞for you. I’ve been on a wet, chilly day and it wasn’t much fun. For a few years we had free tickets, and on that day I’d taken a friend who’d never been and needed a treat. We left early, very disappointing - and of course because of the rain, the marquees were all absolutely heaving.
Of course Sod’s Law decreed that it’d be lovely and sunny the day after! 🤬

If doing a flower show again, personally I’d choose Hampton Court. At least it’s likely to be warmer, and there is miles more space for the crowds.

Riverwalk Mon 23-May-22 15:03:23

The King's Road always rises to the occasion - I took these this morning. Lots of the shops have displays but it's difficult to get a decent shot as everyone else has the same idea!

Riverwalk Mon 23-May-22 15:06:15

I think this is supposed to be The Queen grin

Witzend Mon 23-May-22 15:09:50

Fantastic photos!
More than once guest and I* have taken one of the many trishaws waiting outside Sloane Square Underground - very lazy but it saved our feet for all that tramping around later.

*Especially when it was once a sister in law on her birthday!

Callistemon21 Mon 23-May-22 15:12:09


I’m going to Chelsea later this week! So looking forward to it. Rain forecast for today, but should be dry and not too hot later in the week. Fingers crossed!

Enjoy yourself!

I'm envious but couldn't manage it now

merlotgran Mon 23-May-22 16:35:32

I want Carol Klein’s earrings! 😂

merlotgran Tue 24-May-22 20:14:47

I think I’m hooked on fashion watching this year as well as admiring the show gardens.

Nikki Chapman looks amazing. Sarah Eberle’s large white trainers had me 🤔 and Monty looks like he’s competing with Boris for the best baggy, crumpled suit look. 😂

Callistemon21 Tue 24-May-22 20:54:06

But Monty can carry it off, unlike Boris

Callistemon21 Tue 24-May-22 20:56:37

Oops, spoke too soon, Joe needs to pull his jacket down for him, his collar is up round his ears.

A problem solved (possibly) - we want a small tree for the garden and have just seen an amelanchier which looks promising.

Jaxjacky Tue 24-May-22 21:01:04

Have a brilliant time vegansrock as a new convert to flowers (been veg for many previous years), I’m drinking in the coverage.

Katie59 Wed 25-May-22 08:03:26

We are both very keen gardeners but never visit “Garden Shows” or watch garden “makeovers”. It’s easy to get a load of pot plants and arrange them in whatever fashion you want a and make it look perfect for a week. Not impressed at all.

The real skill is growing a garden that looks good year round and changes week to week.