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Garden tap. Are we the only ones?

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Nandalot Mon 23-May-22 15:04:43

It doesn’t seem to matter what watering system DH buys our outside garden tap alway seems to leak from the attachment, at best it is a trickle, at worst bordering on a gush. Do any Gners have any words of advice?

aggie Mon 23-May-22 15:07:14

It’s the pressure , try not turning the tap to full

Kathy72 Mon 23-May-22 15:09:44

Does the washer in the tap need replacing?

shysal Mon 23-May-22 16:44:17

I have replaced my genuine Hozelock attachments and washers several times but there is always a dribble of water at the tap however fully or not it is turned on. I put a bucket underneath and use it for watering the nearby pots.

Farmor15 Mon 23-May-22 16:59:28

I've always had to put extra washers in the bit that screws onto the tap.

henetha Mon 23-May-22 17:08:37

My tap is in the garage and there's always a little, or sometimes large, flood from the hose which is fixed to the tap. It's a plastic nut which leaks and defies all efforts to fix it.
It makes me swear!

BlueBelle Mon 23-May-22 17:16:58

Never had a problem with my outside tap and hose so no it doesn’t leak dribble or anything else

lixy Mon 23-May-22 18:48:31

Farmor15s idea of extra washers has worked for me too.

I have a couple of ferns in a pot under the tap - they enjoy my careless splashes and the dribbles.

Oopsadaisy1 Mon 23-May-22 18:50:10

I keep a bowl under the tap, it catches the dribbles and I pour it onto one of the pot plants, my hose is Hoselock as well, maybe it’s a design flaw.

Iam64 Mon 23-May-22 19:15:10

BlueBelle, what hose do you have.
I’ve never had one that didn’t irritate. I’ve just re-potted two small bay trees. The hose dripped the whole time I used it. I progressed to using the attachment that allows me to use good plant feed in the spray. Water everywhere.

I didn’t even attempt-t to re-wind the bleep thing.

Can anyone recommend the perfect garden hose

M0nica Mon 23-May-22 19:29:47

Nandalot* Me too.

Greyduster Mon 23-May-22 22:20:59

Every hose we’ve ever had has leaked from the tap connector, even the new Hozelock one DS set up for me recently with new fittings and a new connector. It didn’t leak when he was here. Now he’s gone home it leaks again!😁

Teacheranne Mon 23-May-22 23:21:58

Never had a hose that does not leak at the tap! At least the one on my patio is over the grid so does not run everywhere, unlike the one in the garage which just drips on the concrete floor!

annodomini Mon 23-May-22 23:32:56

Mine is just as annoying. I leave my watering can under the tap so that I don't lose any water and can use it for my pots.

Daisymae Tue 24-May-22 06:27:42

Yes, had the same. Took the top of the tap to bits cleaned it up, used WD 40 and replaced the bits. It worked.

Whiff Tue 24-May-22 06:49:58

Until I moved never had an outdoor tap. I don't use a hose as I prefer to water via watering can and feel that way I don't waste water. I have a water butt that catches the water off my greenhouse but that water is for my blueberry plants only as they don't like tap water apparently. It's my first year growing them. Had to use ericaceous compost for them. At least have berries forming. Just need to rig up netting to stop the birds eating them.

M0nica Tue 24-May-22 09:08:24

With a garden 150 feet long and the vegetable garden and greenhouse at the far end. The only way I can get watr up there is with a hose. I have several water butts up there, but they need rain to fill them and they only get used, like the hose, if we are short of rain. The fruit and veg patch is quite large.

Iam64 Tue 24-May-22 19:12:42

My garden isn’t as big MOnica but I couldn’t manage without the hose. We have a waterbut. I use a watering can but RA makes carrying and pouring tough

M0nica Tue 24-May-22 19:28:27

Water butts are fine, but once they have been emptied, you have to wait for a decent amount of rain to refill them, Depending on the size of your garden they are good for at most a week or 10 day's watering and if it is raining, you do not need to water the garden anyway. I only water fruit and veg.

As you say Iam64, for anyone with a disability, filling and carrying watering cans filled with water is just not possible.

Elizabeth27 Tue 24-May-22 20:19:41

Same here, bought two new hoses last year and 2 extra different makes of connectors, still leaks from the connections.

Iam64 Tue 24-May-22 21:40:18

I water tubs and the green house plus anything newly planted out

Franbern Fri 10-Jun-22 09:38:42

Made me smile reading this thread. No longer a problem as I now live in a flat - but back at my house, I did think it was just ME that had this continual problem with my outdoor tap and connector.

I actually put a largish pot under this tap, so that got beautifully watered any time I used my hose.