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Namsnanny Wed 25-May-22 15:57:35

It must be my lucky week for finding reduced items as I've just bought some summer bulbs - lilies 5 in a packet for 50p per packet.
Mind you my Lilies in the garden are in bud, so these are going to be quite a bit behind.
Do you think they will flower?

J52 Wed 25-May-22 16:05:44

You can but try, even if they don’t flower they will put up green growth and feed the bulb for next year.
My bargain was a bag of red onion sets, 5p in Wilkos. Very few were dried, but lots sprouting. They’re all doing well now.

Namsnanny Wed 25-May-22 16:10:23

That was a good buy j52. What will you do with the harvest?
I'm thinking of putting these Lilies on family graves.

FlexibleFriend Wed 25-May-22 16:10:55

I got 48 lilies from Thompson and Morgan for 2 quid. They do already have shoots and roots and and may not flower this year as J52 says but still worth a punt.

Namsnanny Wed 25-May-22 16:14:08

Not that I'm a cheapskate of course 😉

Namsnanny Wed 25-May-22 16:16:21

Take a photo of them later on FlexibleFriend and show us the results.
I'll show you mine if you show me yours!🤣

Visgir1 Wed 25-May-22 17:15:30

I bought some Lilies when I went to Hampton Court Flowers show, which is every July.
The guy that sold them to me, said just plant they won't take long to pop up. He was right, brilliant.
So any Bargains grab them.

J52 Wed 25-May-22 17:46:52

If the onions do well, they’ll store or can be prepared and frozen.

Germanshepherdsmum Wed 25-May-22 17:50:43

I bought some plants online cheaply (£1.99 for a 9cm pot) from The Secret Gardening Club. They took an age to arrive. A good 6 weeks. The plants were ok (hopefully better next year) but I won't be using them again.

Kathy72 Wed 25-May-22 18:22:40

If you have a B and Q card you can get 20% off outdoor plants tomorrow (Thursday). And I got 2 lovely Lavender plants for £5 (£3.50 each / two for £5) in Waitrose - all their herbs in pots are 2 for £5 and a good size.

Namsnanny Thu 26-May-22 15:39:54

After keeping myself occupied in lock down by planting a herb garden, I'm now extending it.
At the moment filling it with anything lemony ie lemon thyme, melissa, lemon mint etc.,
I love the thought of home grown herbs, but I doubt I shall cook enough to use them all!🤣