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MerylStreep Mon 27-Jun-22 18:25:39

Has anyone got any ideas why my plant has hardly any leaves but huge ‘blooms’
This is its 2nd year. The first year it was a mass of leaves so therefore I had a beautiful colour display in the Autumn.
Alas it doesn’t look as if I’m going to see that this year.

nanasam Mon 27-Jun-22 18:31:46

I was always led to believe that plants only exist to set seed and reproduce before they die. It looks to me like your cotinus is not happy and is trying to assure its future by flowering and setting seed. Perhaps it doesn't like your soil??

CanadianGran Mon 27-Jun-22 18:55:38

I wish I could help, but I have the opposite problem with mine! It is probably around 10 years old, but has never grown more than 3' high, and only has leaves, never blooms.

I see yours is in a pot. Perhaps try planting in the ground, or get a larger pot.

Baggs Mon 27-Jun-22 19:01:20

It looks from your photo as if the plant is in a pot. We had a large Cotinus shrub in our Oxfordshire garden. It was quite near the house so I had to hack parts of it back quite often. It was obviously very happy as it grew vigorously and its foliage was beautiful. Perhaps your plant, which looks spindly, would like more space for its roots.

MerylStreep Mon 27-Jun-22 19:09:27

Oh dear 😟 It looks as if I’m going to have to find a spot for it.
Not easy as I’m one of those gardeners that fills every available space.
Thank you for your help.

Callistemon21 Mon 27-Jun-22 19:30:41

From the RHS website:
Masses of tiny pinkish flowers like clouds of smoke (hence the common name, smoke bush) appear in summer

It's been an odd year for plants this year so far.
Some which did well last year are looking sad this year and vice versa.

Yes, I'd try to find a spot in the garden for it or, later on, repot it with fresh compost.

J52 Mon 27-Jun-22 20:33:33

Mine are in the garden soil and are quite mature, but they do tend to go a bit leggy. Maybe if you prune one of the stems it will sprout shoots lower down.