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Picking tomatoes

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Grandmabatty Sat 06-Aug-22 11:56:25

None of my tomatoes have turned red yet. I live in central Scotland and the plants by necessity were outside. Can I pick them green and let them turn indoors or am I being impatient?

Elegran Sat 06-Aug-22 12:06:33

Give them a bit longer, they may ripen yet. You could pick a few and keep them indoors to ripen for using first?

merlotgran Sat 06-Aug-22 12:17:37

You’re being impatient! 😂

lixy Sat 06-Aug-22 12:25:40

My outdoor cherry tomatoes just started to ripen properly at the beginning of this week and it has been warm here in Bedfordshire. I gather Scotland hasn't had the same warmth as us, so maybe hang on for a while longer.

Just for fun you could try putting a ripe banana near them - they give off a 'ripening' gas apparently.

MrsEggy Sat 06-Aug-22 12:29:48

My tomatoes are only this week beginning to ripen - I'm expecting them to go on till the middle of September. They're much nicer ripened outdoors. I'm in the West Midlands.

Grandmabatty Sat 06-Aug-22 12:31:40

Thank you all. I thought I was being impatient so will give them a bit longer on the vine. ☺️

Jaxjacky Sat 06-Aug-22 12:55:08

Some summers I’ve had to wait well into August and I’m way down south.

MaizieD Sat 06-Aug-22 13:05:53

My greenhouse tomatoes have only just started ripening (Durham).

Patience is a virtue grin

Daisymae Sat 06-Aug-22 13:37:20

Mine are ripening on the vine but in your shoes I would definitely pick some to ripen on the windowsill.

Chewbacca Sat 06-Aug-22 13:44:37

Oddly enough, the 2 tomato plants in the greenhouse are being slow to ripen, but the Tumbler tomatoes that are in a hanging basket outside are ripening quickly. And bearing a lit more fruit. Might not bother with greenhouse varieties next year, the Tumbler tomatoes are much sweeter.

Esspee Sat 06-Aug-22 13:44:50

I used to grow tomatoes in my greenhouse in Glasgow and in that protected environment they would not start ripening until mid August so I suggest you be patient as they really are nicer ripened on the vine.

25Avalon Sat 06-Aug-22 13:55:40

I would be more patient, but as a matter of interest I have picked green tomatoes in October and ripened them off on a tray indoors, and still need eating them in March. Perhaps not quite so tasty but better than boughten ones.

25Avalon Sat 06-Aug-22 13:56:39

Been not need

libra10 Sat 06-Aug-22 14:03:43

We're in the North West and our tomatoes only started ripening 2 or 3 weeks ago. Now we have many more than we need, and are making soups and giving some to friends and neighbours.
Once they start ripening you get far more than you need.

Kittye Sat 06-Aug-22 17:03:36

A couple of years ago I grew some tomatoes from a couple of tomatoes I’d bought from the supermarket. I had dozens of plants all produced an abundance of tomatoes. They had absolutely no taste 🙄