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Chafer grubs in lawn

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Lynker Thu 22-Sep-22 23:14:12

Our lawn has been infested with chafer grubs and the turf is being dug up by crows feasting on them. We have treated it with nematodes and we are now waiting anxiously to see what will happen next. Has anyone any experience of these grubs? Any success stories please?

Calendargirl Fri 23-Sep-22 05:48:26

My son had them in his lawn last year, used the nematodes, worked well.

The grubs came back this year though!

He has used the same treatment, I assume it has worked again, not asked him yet.

Daisymae Fri 23-Sep-22 07:40:02

We have had them, left them to it and they vanished.

Katie59 Fri 23-Sep-22 08:11:45

Are they Chafer grubs or Leatherjackets - larvae of the Crane Fly, they can devastate a newly sown crop but will do little harm to established grass. Chafer grubs are white, Leatherjackets are dark grey/brown.

Lynker Fri 23-Sep-22 08:57:03

Definite)y chafe

Lynker Fri 23-Sep-22 08:59:23

Sorry, definitely chafers...they are white with a brown head and 6 legs....urgh!!

Oopsadaisy1 Fri 23-Sep-22 09:47:43

MissOoops has them - apparently you have to treat the lawn for 5 years as the bugs work their way up to the top in a 5 year cycle. She has contacted the Landlord to see if he will help with the cost of the nematodes, her lawn is just a dry patch of dust and full of holes. Horrid things

Lynker Fri 23-Sep-22 15:42:36 sounds like we have done all we can for's a big lawn, so hoping the nematodes do their job before we end up with what looks like a ploughed field for a garden. Thank you for your comments.