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Does anyone have an aristolochia growing here in the UK?

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NotSpaghetti Wed 29-Mar-23 13:28:27

About 35-40 years ago we bought an aristolochia for our garden in a villagein Derbyshire. It had smallish blood red flowers and quite vibrant green nearly heart-shaped leaves.

I think I'd like another in my garden here but am struggling to find the type we had. The blooms were hidden under the leaves so it wasn't exactly showy. I'm beginning to think that maybe a different variety would suit me now.

If you have an aristolochia, what sort do you grow, is it happy, and what if anything do you do to keep it in order?

Thank you.

NotSpaghetti Thu 06-Apr-23 10:37:20

Hello. Just hoping someone has an answer... thank you.

Callistemon21 Thu 06-Apr-23 11:06:18

Sorry, but I've never heard of it NotSpaghetti

Is it a tender plant? Are you in a sheltered spot?
We've lost a couple of shrubs with last year's hot weather and then the cold winter. One was a hardy shrub, the other semi-tropical which had survived for a few years.

Whitewavemark2 Thu 06-Apr-23 11:07:57

I did google it but it didn’t look like your description, so I’m a bit in the dark.

Do you have a photo?

NotSpaghetti Thu 06-Apr-23 11:21:56

No. I don't WWM but it survived on a North East wall for many years!
I would be happy with a different variety if anyone is growing one successfully.
Ours was attractive for the leaves (the flowers hid underneath them).

I find it's an enormous family when I look online. Not sure where to start.

NotSpaghetti Thu 06-Apr-23 11:24:01

It's a fairly "middling" garden here Callistemon21 - though it was happy for many years in a not-very-exciting spot!

Callistemon21 Thu 06-Apr-23 11:39:21

You could buy a packet of seeds - they look fairly cheap compared to the price of a plant.

Other retailers available