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Goodbye with bells on February

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Casdon Fri 01-Mar-24 09:34:16

What a dismal month February has been. Is anybody else behind in the garden because it’s been so wet? Mine is still like a quagmire, the soil is virtually unworkable. I’ve tidied and cleaned all the hard surfaces to within an inch of their lives, but the fences are green, and the weeds are flourishing. Here’s to spring!

Oreo Fri 01-Mar-24 09:42:37

I don’t have a garden really, just a yard with some pots, but agree Feb has been awful and glad March is here.Signs of Spring with daffs out in gardens but need some dry weather now.

keepcalmandcavachon Fri 01-Mar-24 09:49:34

Oh I know Casdon, I feel 'itchy' to get going. Some big fat buds on the Juneberry look lovely when the sunlight twinkles them and zingy limey leaves about but I want to be out amongst it! Mud, mud glorious mud, nothing quite like it for boiling my bloodgrin

biglouis Fri 01-Mar-24 09:56:39

I have a gardner who will come to tidy up later this month so I just leave the garden to its own devices. I have never been a garden person. Too much like hard work.

BigBertha1 Fri 01-Mar-24 10:00:12

A small wet garden here. DH itches to mow the grass but I think the mower would be aquaplaning! Wonderful to have come through this winter and now into Spring. a celebratory bottle of fizz tonight I think.

Siope Fri 01-Mar-24 10:04:49

My allotment is fully underwater. I don’t mind leaving the garden a bit longer, as I abide by the 10/10 (ten consecutive days at at least 10 degrees) before I tidy it, but the allotment has (had?) lots of perennials, my compost heap, and some over-wintering veg, so I’m thoroughly cheesed off about it.

luluaugust Fri 01-Mar-24 10:07:21

The daffodils are out in W Kent, being deluged at present

Germanshepherdsmum Fri 01-Mar-24 10:16:20

At long last we had two dry days this week so my husband cut the grass and most of the hydrangeas were pruned. During the very occasional dry days earlier in February we managed to cut back most plants that had been left for the wildlife over winter and pruned the roses. More cutting back still needed and some weeding but it’s raining yet again. But the snowdrops were glorious and now there are masses of daffodils and some hellebores and the first flowers of the forsythia to brighten the scene.

Nandalot Fri 01-Mar-24 10:31:41

But what a start to March! High winds and driving rain here.
Let’s hope it is ‘in like a lion, out like a lamb’.

merlotgran Fri 01-Mar-24 10:39:18

I can’t wait to get started in my garden. The brown bin collections start next week and it’s already nearly full with general cutting back which is all I’ve been able to do.

The allotment isn’t much better but it’s a group effort and as I’m ‘leader’ I can delegate. (Whoop, whoop!)
We do at least have broad beans showing some signs of action.

Roll on the better weather.

Purplepixie Fri 01-Mar-24 10:44:26

Yes a big goodbye February! I am chomping on the bit to get outside into the garden. It has been a long winter so far with all of this rain and the garden looks terrible. Bring on the sunshine!

henetha Fri 01-Mar-24 10:49:53

The back garden is just a wet mess at the moment. But there are lovely daffodils and grape hyacinths out, and the tulips are just peeping through the soil now, in pots all over the place.
I've ordered some chocolate cosmos and others by post .
Let's hope the weather improves so we can plant properly later.
It's a bit early yet.

Joseann Fri 01-Mar-24 10:52:08

Never underestimate March for bad weather. I was born this week in a snowstorm!
The garden is so boggy which causes muddy paws everywhere, and the daffodils are struggling to stand upright. The camelias are just about holding on.
On another subject, the sea was bright red this morning from churning and fast waves.

annodomini Fri 01-Mar-24 11:24:41

It may be the beginning of meteorological spring but don't forget the 'Beast from the East' in 2018. It lasted from February 24th to March 4th. We could be caught out again.

Germanshepherdsmum Fri 01-Mar-24 11:42:32

I well remember snow at Easter. We’re certainly not out of the woods yet. However when I popped out just now I spotted a lovely red flower on my camellia which has come out since yesterday. There’s always something to smile about if you look for it.

BlueBelle Fri 01-Mar-24 11:52:51

Oh yes goodbye Feb BUT March is coming in like a lion freezing cold, driving rain and gale force winds
Haven’t been to the allotment for months and the garden is muddy and too cold to go in
I don’t mind if the vegies are late they ll still grow

keepcalmandcavachon Fri 01-Mar-24 12:41:59

Just in from dog walking, last stretch head down to avoid the HAILSTONES! hmm

karmalady Fri 01-Mar-24 12:47:57

Right on cue. Two bumble bees came today and fed on kilmarnock willow catkins, their pollen baskets were full. I am so glad to see them back again, my whole garden is geared to bees and bumble bees and they reward me in multiples, enabling me to fill my freezer with enough berries to last a whole year

Witzend Fri 01-Mar-24 12:50:35

Sunny here at the moment! How long it’ll last, though…

Hetty58 Fri 01-Mar-24 12:54:44

I saw a butterfly this morning! I'm always keen to make a start on the garden - way too early, though.

Wheniwasyourage Fri 01-Mar-24 13:55:22

We can never think about gardening here until very late February at the earliest, but I've done a bit of pruning today and DH has been pottering for a day or two. It's lovely here today, so I expect March will be horrible and lion-like at the end!

BlueBelle Fri 01-Mar-24 14:33:07

Not for us it’s lion like at the start Wheniwasyounger so hopefully settle down to a nice end

Whitewavemark2 Fri 01-Mar-24 15:20:49

I don’t ever remember such a wet autumn/winter.

Casdon Fri 01-Mar-24 18:02:04

I’m hoping today was the lion, we’ve had rain, sleet, hail and snow, and it’s 0.5 degrees now. Surely things can only get better,