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Has anyone done DNA tests

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MollyAA12 Sat 15-May-21 16:46:18

I was brought up in care, fractured childhood. A half sister found me and I have recently discovered my real father was a Concientious Objector in the WWII

Has anyone had DNA tests done and how did it go? I am trying to pluck up courage to do it!

tanith Sat 15-May-21 17:27:11

I’ve done it nothing unexpected popped up just some cousins I knew about and my Grandson.

Esspee Sat 15-May-21 22:34:45

I used 23 and me because I was interested in the medical screening side of it and the family tree information was simply a bonus.
Once I retired I decided to work on my family history and chose to use Ancestry as I felt their customer base was wider.
I am now about 6 months into my research and have become addicted to the hobby. It has given me a great deal of satisfaction, especially when results have fallen into place but it can be frustrating when they don’t.

I am unsure why you need to pluck up courage. Chances are few of your blood family have tested with the same company that you choose to use. Just think of all the people you know. How many have had their DNA sequenced? You may be lucky but there is no guarantee.

It doesn’t provide you with answers on a plate. You will need to learn how to check birth, death and marriage registers, census records, electoral records etc. If you feel you would be upset if certain information was uncovered perhaps you would be better not to bother. On the other hand you might be united with family you never knew. Your decision.

Floradora9 Sun 16-May-21 09:47:10

I did ancestry and it was well worth doing . I matched with second cousins whose grandfather I had researched because he went from working class to being offered a peerage . They had not known him so were delighted to get the information. I am sure it is acurate as my nearest matches are what I would have expected. You can share Ancestry DNA on My Heritage and other sites but the Ancestry reults are best for me .

SecondhandRose Sun 16-May-21 10:47:53

I have done mine on Ancestry. I am trying to get higher on my tree than my paternal great, great grandfather but it seems he was illegitimate and there are no higher records. Hoping that doing my DNA will match with someone at some point so I can find more of his relatives

HarlemShuffle Wed 19-May-21 14:58:16

I used Ancestry, initially to confirm to myself that my Dad was not my bio father. Turns out he is, which makes his treatment of me growing up all the more confusing.

When the results came back, they confirmed some of my paper (and later online) research and linked me up with people in the US.

Later on, DNA has proved that my grandfather and his twin sister were not fathered by their mother's husband, but by a man from the other end of the county and all my close matches now are in this line.

My parents were very close mouthed about a lot of things, but I believe I have a sibling out there somewhere, probably conceived in the 1940s. Time is running out to find them, but I remain hopeful of a match in that line.

For me, it has been frustrating at times, but definitely well worth doing.

MollyAA12 Thu 20-May-21 19:25:42

When you have a fractured life I am afraid it does take courage to look things up. Ihavehuge files of research I have done but we do know there is anothr sibling somewhere. Soemtimes when people like that are found they can be a curse or a blessing.

Fernbergien Mon 21-Jun-21 18:16:42

Son did dna and we found my father was not my biological father. As I had a “ funny” childhood it did not affect me badly. I then , to confirm somethings. did mine.
Originally done to find sister. No luck. Adopted. DOB July 1943. Then found grandfather was not too.
So ended with three mysteries. But know now who father is 99%. So I say do it but be prepared. Exciting and interesting.

nanna8 Fri 30-Jul-21 14:28:07

I did mine and my husband did his. Absolutely fascinating. Busy boys ,those Vikings. I was also surprised to score 29 % Scottish. I thought there would be some but not that much.Also some French which I know goes way, way back.

jeanie99 Fri 26-Nov-21 03:41:32

My daughter a few Christmas's ago bought me the 23&me DNA test kit
I am mainly English Irish,
hubby is English Scandinavian German French.
I've found two second cousins people I have contacted.
To realistically cross reference to their relatives you need to purchase a number of birth certificates to know which line the % are tying in.
My problem is I have no details on my fathers or his family. With a name like Henry Wood there are so many it's impossible to know which is my father.
Most of the people who have contacted me haven't done any research at all and have no idea how to build a family tree.
It's a very interesting website and does provide so much it is so worth the money.
I have been researching for many years and have only got back to 1747, reason being you have to prove every person added and unfortunately if you don't have money, land, title, or property or leave a will it is impossible.
I've seen a family tree where they have my grandmother moving from England to the US.
I was there when my grandmother was buried in England she never traveled in her life.
You can't believe every family tree.