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Three wishes...

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supernana Thu 05-May-11 15:01:08

That my young grandchildren will remain child-like for as long as possible. That the teenagers will understand that being adult means being responsible and that they will each be encouraged to reach and enjoy their full unique potential.

Taichi Thu 05-May-11 17:43:22

Know what you mean - my little granddaughters (5,6 and 7) are delightful and I'd love to keep them like this for ever! On the other hand, I am so enjoying watching them change as they grow, and watching their different personalities develop, and finding family likenesses. The joy is endless, and I hope I will always recognise this even when it becomes a bit clouded in teenage angst!

nannym Fri 06-May-11 11:38:18

I have looked after my granddaughter since she was 8 months old and her mother went back to work. The joy she has brought me is boundless and I have been able to watch her develop her own special character. I never thought that being a grandparent would be so much fun and bring me so much happiness. I am fortunate in the fact that we live in an area where there are so many places to take her and she is learning so many different things. While she is around I have the feeling that I am never going to grow old and bored (or be boring!!)