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What to keep at Grans house

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sj Sun 08-May-11 11:43:21


just wondered what items you grannies have at your house ready for when your little grandchildren visit.

So without over doing it, what would you have to hand for a few days stay to make life easier for the travelling parents travelling with a new born.



glammanana Sun 08-May-11 12:42:00

Until we downsized to this apartment we had always kept nappies,bottles sterilizing equip,and cot etc,always had Marlborough
coach pram that was my sons and old Silver Cross pushchair,plus
blankets etc big box of toys from years ago and loads of hugs,oh yes
visiting mum and dad will always find plenty babysitting if they want
time to go out

HildaW Sun 08-May-11 13:21:46

I have never really bothered to keep duplicates of what my Grandson needs if he stays over....Mum just packs a bag and that comes too. The only bit of equipment was a spare cot and a booster seat to turn dining room chair into high chair. However I do think its nice to have a little toy box of toys that stays here...dont go home with him. They allow me to buy the odd indulgency and give him something a bit different to play with. When he comes to stay, he really enjoys checking that his special 'Grannie' toys are all present and correct.

grandmacwtch Sun 08-May-11 15:59:48

I have a high chair, a buggy, a travel cot, food, nappies creams etc. A box of toys and my daughter brings the rest, such as sterile bottles and clothes, bibs etc.

The most useful thing has been the travel cot, as the little one has just started rolling around the floor, I put her in it if I need the loo, or to answer the door, or put on the kettle (to sooth my nerves ha ha). I know she is in a safe place whilst I can have a pee in peace.

She also sleeps like a dream in it, even though it is in the living room and I keep peering in every five minutes to see if she is still breathing.

mollie Sun 08-May-11 17:07:18

I've been wondering about this gd is only 3 months old and usually just visits for an hour or so but this week we've stepped in to do some all-day babysitting and all the equipment that comes with one tiny baby is amazing. I'm now considering getting a few things to save the hassle but wondered how much and what ... thanks for the suggestions.

HildaW Sun 08-May-11 19:22:01

Yes modern 'travel' cots are brilliant....they double as play is very safe in them

sj Sun 08-May-11 19:28:51


love the idea of using a travel cot as we do have a dog in the house as well.

havent got much here at the moment. but thanks for the suggestions


babyjack Mon 09-May-11 22:34:01

I bought a Playmobil Noah's Ark for our grandson. It was costly but he loves it, he visits most days and always asks for the Ark. When he was about a year old he played with the big animals and we added the small items as he grew. The Ark floats so can use outside in the paddling pool. Not too difficult to store and he seems to enjoy having a special toy that he has to leave behind for another days. He is three now and when a friends child came age 6 she played happily with it to.

GrannyJane Tue 10-May-11 15:57:28

Charity shops are great for buying toys and equipment. So are the National Childbirth Trust sales.

GrandmaRos Tue 10-May-11 16:40:26

I bought a second hand cot from a local charity shop, have a chair booster seat and the one expensive item was a new car seat. I always have nappies, baby wipes etc. After birthdays I always ask for some of their older toys so I have a selection available, do a swap round and send the original ones on to the charity shop. I agree with GrannyJane that charity shops are fantastic for toys and equipment

Nonna2 Sun 15-May-11 09:58:43


I have my grandson frequently ... his Mum (my daughter) lives just around the corner, they pop in most days and I usually have him overnight at least once a month, so I have a full stock of baby items : steriliser, bottle warmer, moses basket, travel cot, highchair, Bumbo, bedding, toys, car seat, bottles, beakers, spoons, bowls LOL

I bought all of the big stuff on Ebay and got some real bargains - (the highchair was 99p, travel cot £4, steam steriliser £2.50).

Freecycle is also great grin

Grumpyoldwoman Sun 15-May-11 10:41:49

I have most of the 'usual stuff'..but last year my daughter gave me loads of their toys as they have too many was either me or the charity shop.
My grandson is very accusing when he asks ''Nana , what are you doing with cars/ men/dvds/train track etc?'' usually followed by 'I want to take it home ' (O Mummy will be pleased !!!!)

sj Sun 15-May-11 15:50:57


we are off to nct sale shortly, been to a couple and picked up a few items for really good price.

thanks for the great suggestions

would sooner be prepared.


GrannyTunnocks Sun 15-May-11 21:23:41

As my grandchildren live abroad we have most things including cot, high chair, playpen, car seats all sizes and of course lots of toys. The older ones don't now need the baby stuff but they all came in useful for the 2 year old. However hope to have a clear out soon and get my attic back.

nanapippa Sun 15-May-11 22:11:59

I used to look after my GCs when our DDs were at work, so decided, to make it easy for them in the mornings, I would have everything they needed at my house (including milk powder, food, nappies and some clothes) so that they could just hand the child over and run!! They really appreciated this as they didn't have to think about what to bring round each day. I bought most of the stuff from boot fairs except the car seats, which should of course be purchased new as you don't know if they have been damaged in any way. The only thing I had trouble getting from a boot fair was stair gates so I bought those second hand from a second hand childrens equipment shop. When they started school I took the baby things to a charity shop, but still have toys, boots, books etc here. Will be starting all over again now though as one DD is pregnant again after five years!!! Hey ho.....

granmouse Mon 16-May-11 16:11:59

We have lots of toys and books,a travel cot,car seats and a buggy.The best thing is a huge Brio wooden train set which they all love.We also have my dolls' house,my husband's electric train layout some Sylvanian Families stuff and a box of assorted soft toys and another of 'bits and bobs'.Our toys are much treasured by the dgc and well looked after too.

gillybob Wed 18-May-11 14:39:49

Where to start ? I have buggies, beds, blankies, bottles and bum cream and that's just the b's !!

Basically, with three little darlings (all under 5) staying over every week it was so much easier just to have everything duplicated. smile

raggygranny Wed 18-May-11 17:57:02

Stairgate, car seat, booster seat, high chair - all other equipment (e.g. travel cot) comes with the visiting child/children! I do have two baskets full of toys, games and books, some left from their parents' childhood, some that older grandchildren have grown out of, some bought in charity shops, and they never seem to get tired of them.

artygran Tue 24-May-11 19:29:29

We have had a whole load of paraphernalia from day one - stair gate, travel cot and bedding, all the nappy stuff (now thankfully no longer needed). The travel cot was a godsend but I went online and bought a proper mattress for it because the ones which come with them are horrible, like boards. You can get a proper made to measure foam mattress for very little cost. Folding high chairs are very useful. As GC gets older, lots of underwear and changes of clothes, wellies, waterproofs, potties, toilet seats, bath toys. Toys, books, games - you will need an elastic sided room, and for every toy that goes home, more will be returned! Don't fight it! Just buy a bigger house and enjoy being a gran.

harrigran Tue 24-May-11 23:52:08

We found it easier to keep a supply of underwear, wipes, potty etc. We also have a gate which is closed at bedtime, I know she can open it but at least I hear when she is up and about.
We have decided that house is not big enough for the growing family and toys so in August work starts to double the size of the house.At a time of life when we should be downsizing we feel the need to extend.

skeetamay Sun 29-May-11 11:28:33

Joined Freecycle and got a hippo sandpit and baby tricycle. for my young visitors.small children don't mind whre things come from! and its useful for finding homes for your 'detoxed' items

femur Mon 30-May-11 12:42:53

For toddlers spare pants socks tights hats scarves warm jumpers