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Pegg28 Tue 10-May-11 15:21:28

Hello everyone,

My local hospital has a fantastic children's burns team and they have made a film about the dangers of hot drinks around children.

Its a really important message, please show it to your family and friends.


nannyeileen Tue 10-May-11 18:28:08

I think it is a great idea. My neice, at just over 14 months old (she was walking early) was very badly scalded when she managed to reach a newly boiled jug of milk off my table and tipped it over her. I had just moved into the house and the kitchen table was much lower than the surfaces at her home. My sister just never thought, it never entered her head that her daughter could reach it. I am talking about 43 years ago.
The screams were horrific and as we tried to remove her clothing, her skin was pealing off. Fortunately, she is now a very pretty mom of two, with a carreer, but it could have been so much different. She still carries the scars, but over the years they have calmed down.

I can still remember the screams, how can you say sorry!!!

HildaW Sun 15-May-11 18:50:14

I also had a horrid scalding incident with my daughter but luckily had done a bit of basic first aid. Fully clothed I put her into a coolish bath and kept her legs covered for as long as she could stand it..then we drove her to hospital having warned them we were on way. Our actions ment that although she was poorly with huge blisters the burning had not gone through as many layers of the skin as it could have. For years after her skin remained a little pinker than usual and would show up in the bath. But, she is a beautiful grown woman now and there is very little to show. I cannot recommend enough all families having a bit of basic and up to date first aid knowledge at their finger tips.