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Being Parent as well as Grandparent

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JanEP Thu 08-Dec-11 11:27:03

We are parents and grandparents to our granddaughter since she was 6 months old, she is now 15, it has been hard at times but boy have we had lots of fun. We feel it a privillege to have had this experience late in life.

absentgrana Thu 08-Dec-11 14:23:59

I am full of admiration as it's not just the physical demands that are harder to meet as we grow older, but taking on the responsibility is a huge step. That you regard it as a privilege is a testament of your love and commitment to your granddaughter.

GoldenGran Thu 08-Dec-11 14:58:36

JanEP Your Grandaughter is a lucky girl to have you, it sounds like you have done a great

tanith Thu 08-Dec-11 15:36:48

I take my hat off to you JanEP that must of taken bucket loads of patience and love well done to all of you..

JanEP Sat 10-Dec-11 03:53:10

Thank you for your lovely comment, it has and still is a pleasure and joy to have her.

bagitha Sat 10-Dec-11 08:20:16

Well done, janEP! I have had the great happiness of having a late child after my first two had grown up.