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Wanted Grandparents for newly adopted delightful 3 year old boy

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SammyBagpuss Sat 31-Dec-11 17:30:34

Dear all,

I'm not sure if I am posting this in the right place but thought it was worth a go. My Husband and I adopted our Son a year ago. He is a delight, funny and great company and brings great joy into our lives. Sadly this joy is a little over shadowed by the fact he has no Grandparents to share our joy.

My Husbands parents died a few years ago and my Parents remarried. My Dad and Step Mum both passed in 2011 and this is a huge blow (especially for me) as they were so excited about our Son joining the family. Our son is not entirely without grandparents, my Mum is still alive but is not a very pro- active Gran and doesn't really wanted to be very involved with any of her Grandchildren. She is quite busy with her new life and new partner.

I am looking for people who have missed out on being Grandparents or those that would like to do it again. Ideally people who may in future years support outdoor pursuits that my Dad would have done (such as fishing and football). I am not looking for someone to take over my parental responsibilities such as childminding and babysitting (though this would be welcomed if appropriate in the future). I just miss having someone to talk to as my Dad and Step Mum were wonderful people who are sadly missed and I feel our Son is missing out on these vital members of the family. Everyone who knows our Son adores him and we know he'd bring joy into anyone's life who met him. He's been so worth that wait and the years of fertility problems.

We live in South Yorkshire. I would welcome any interest or questions from male or female prospective Grandparents.

Kind regards and best wishes to you all xxxx

crimson Sat 31-Dec-11 17:41:41

Oh what a lovely post; it's made me go all weepy, the main reason being that I never had grandparents and always missed having them in my life. I don't live in South Yorkshire or I'd offer my services. I'd also like to say how pleased I am to hear of your happiness, having had people that I know with fertility problems and hoping beyond hope that they would find happiness one day. Whether you'll find a 'real' surrogate granny here I can't say, but what I can say is that I'm sure that any advice and support that you might need will be here for you and [I'm sure everyone will agree with me 'cos it's that kindaplace] that we'll take great delight in hearing about your little boy growing up [goes away blubbing....]

glammanana Sat 31-Dec-11 19:37:40

I am also just a bit too far away to become a hands on nana to your little man,but if you need any advice the help is always here for you,I have 5 DGSs aged from 8yrs - 21yrs and they are the light of my life,my DH has done everything with them from football to climbing rocks to collecting bugs and all the stuff little boys do,so really I have 6 little boys ranging from 8-67 yrs if you count in my DH.
So happy for you enjoy your little man he will bring you such joy.thanks

glassortwo Sat 31-Dec-11 20:03:01

sammy I filled up reading your post I hope you find someone who can help, I am too far from you to offer any help! But you will find support here if you need it. thanks

NannaAnna Sat 31-Dec-11 20:31:02

SammyBagpuss I'm welling up too.
Because I'm down on the south coast I can't really offer my granny services, but I am sure you will find plenty of great candidates.
There may well be Gransnetters in S. Yorks who know of wonderful people who are not grandparents but would love to be. Wouldn't it be fantastic if someone on this forum was able to connect you?
I'd just like to say 'Congratulations' to you and your husband on the arrival of your much-wanted son. Our children are the very essence of our lives, and I wish you a lifetime of joy with your little one. Happy New Year SammyBagpuss.

SammyBagpuss Sat 31-Dec-11 20:53:47

Bless you all for all of your lovely posts. I really feel privileged that you have taken the time to reply to my post (welling up too). What lovely people you all are. Your children and grand children are very lucky indeed.

Much love to you all xxxx

bagitha Sun 01-Jan-12 08:47:46

Good luck in your quest, sammy. If you have no luck this time, try again in a while and some more people will find your post and, hopefully, respond.

em Sun 01-Jan-12 11:43:00

SammyBagpuss I was so pleased to read about your lovely son. I know EXACTLY how you feel. I am Gran to 4 but without my (adopted) daughter, I'd have none and can't imagine what my life would be like now without them. Grandparents were one of the advantages we offered our 2 adopted girls and they contributed so much. Please keep looking - unfortunately, like others I am too far away or would have invited you round to play with my darling GS (nearly 3). Wishing you love and luck in 2012. xx

crimson Sun 01-Jan-12 12:10:01

With so many people doing Christmassy/New Yeary things and being away this thread probably needs 'bumping' up to the top on a regular basis methinks.

Sbagran Sun 01-Jan-12 13:08:18

Sammy what a wonderful thoughtful person you are - sadly I am nowhere near Yorkshire but, like others have said, I am sure that there will be someone nearby who would love to help. Good luck - renew your plea in a week or two if nothing comes of this as there are many doing Christmassy and new year things that may miss it. God bless and well done on your adoption - I am sure he will appreciate what you have done for him! xxx

supernana Sun 01-Jan-12 13:19:42

Sammy You are indeed a kind and thoughtful lady. Keep this request going. Someone, somewhere, will be overjoyed to take on the role of adopted grandparent. If we lived in your locality, we would be hammering on your door. May the year 2012 be very kind to you and your little son. thanks and smile

Mishap Sun 01-Jan-12 13:30:18

There used to be an organisation called Adopt-a-Granny, but their website appears to be defunct, which is a shame. Local Social Services might have some ideas to offer here maybe; or any local voluntary organisation like the WI perhaps.

Love the idea - well done you!

jackyann Sun 01-Jan-12 19:37:04

I don't know how much you are involved in your local community in general. In my experience, "honorary grandparents" seem to come about because of contact in the community.
You & your son will get support by joining in local activities and getting to know people. Churches (or other places of worship) are a very obvious start, but also Children's / Sure-Start Centres (because lots of people work or volunteer there) or your local Countryside Centre.